Verbatim Twin Batten Fitting suitable for LED Tubes


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Surface-Mounted 4 Foot / 1200mm Batten Luminaire

The Verbatim twin batten fitting for LED tubes has the following features:

IP65 Twin Batten Fitting Compatible with LED Tubes

Unlike old fluorescent batten fittings with magnetic or electronic ballasts, this fitting is designed for use with LED tubes.

  • Ideal direct replacement of old twin fluro surface mount battens
    Compared to integrated LED battens, this fitting accepts a wide range of LED tubes. Pick the efficiency, brightness, colour temperature and other features you need.
  • If your lighting requirements change in the future, you can just change the LED tubes and keep using this fitting.

Installation examples:

  • Carparks, garages & security areas.
  • Workshops, factories & industrial environments.
  • Stairwells, corridors & storage areas.
  • Outdoor - eaves, patios & pergolas.
  • Food processing, hose-down areas and car washes.

  Verbatim Twin T8 Batten for LED Tubes

Verbatim Twin T8 Batten for LED Tubes 4 Foot / 1200mm.

Specifications - Verbatim Twin Batten Fitting

Housing Type Twin Batten Fitting for LED Tubes (no tubes included)
Fitting Type Accepts two T8 LED tubes in 4 Foot / 1200mm length
Socket G13 connectors
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Dimensions (mm)
1265(L) x 115(W) x 86(H)
IP rating IP65
Weight 2.45 kg
Materials Polycarbonate grey plastic housing with transparent diffuser
Product Identifiers Manufacturer's Description: Verbatim Batten Luminaire Outdoor Weather Resistant; Order Code 64834; Barcode 6943760248319. Previous Order Code: 52431
Further Documentation Spec Sheet: 1200mm (PDF)

Verbatim Twin T8 Batten for LED dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

What LED tubes should I use with this batten?

We have a range of compatible 4ft LED T8 tubes to match individual requirements:

What are the alternatives to using a combination of tubes and batten fittings?

Lighting manufacturers have started offering integrated LED battens & LED panel lights as an alternative to tubes. As an integrated unit, their lights are not replaceable, simplifying them and reducing cost. They're often slim or compact as well.

Why stick with tubes when integrated LED batten and panel lights are available?

  • Easily match the look of other existing lighting and fittings in a given area.
  • Lighting in the T8 1200mm / 4 Foot size is so widely used that the latest LED technology is often available in these tubes first.
  • Flexibility to add lightning with additional features such as these Occupancy Sensing LED tubes.

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