FLIR Moisture Meter Review - MR60 vs. MR77 vs. MR277

FLIR Moisture Meter Review - MR60 vs. MR77 vs. MR277

Moisture meters are essential for building inspections, restoration work, and diagnosing issues within buildings (like mould and leaks). In this article, we'll compare three notable FLIR moisture meters we sell - the MR60, MR77, and MR277.

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FLIR Cameras Review - History, Technology, Software, & More

FLIR Cameras Review - History, Technology, Software, & More

Reduction Revolution is a national distributor for Teledyne FLIR Australia. We sell a wide range of FLIR Thermal Cameras, accessories, and software.

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Why We Stock Philips Hue Smart Lights

We stock the Philips Hue range because it offers several benefits over other smart lighting systems.

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Are Electric Fireplace Heaters Cheap To Run?

A customer recently asked a seemingly straightforward question:

Is an electric fireplace heater cheaper to run than reverse cycle AC and other electric heaters?

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Everdure Cube vs. Weber Go Anywhere vs. LotusGrill - Portable Charcoal BBQ Review

Portable charcoal BBQs are a great and energy-efficient way to barbecue. We've compared the leading brands including LotusGrill, Everdure CUBE by Heston, and the Weber Go Anywhere BBQ.

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Seek Thermal Compact, RevealPro & ShotPro vs. FLIR

Seek Thermal is a relatively new thermal camera brand (founded in 2012). At the time of writing, their key models include: Seek Thermal Compact Series, Seek Thermal Reveal Series and the Seek Thermal Shot Series.

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CAT S60, S61 & S62 Pro Phones Thermal Camera Review

Caterpillar phones or CAT phones are highly rugged smartphones. One of their unique features is the integration of a FLIR thermal imaging camera sensor alongside the more 'usual' specs you'd expect in a smartphone.

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ALDI LED Light Bulbs Review & Alternatives

ALDI periodically promotes and sells LED light bulbs under the name 'LIGHTWAY'. It seems they've done away with 'Muller Licht' brand from previous years (which got some terrible reviews). Although only on offer very infrequently, they're worth reviewing given their generally low price points.

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Bunnings Watt Meter Review

We keep seeing the Arlec Energy Cost Meter at Bunnings and some other shops. It costs about the same as our power meter, so we thought we'd give it a comparative review.

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Photos From The Original Earth Hour in Sydney (2007)

Earth Hour is an annual event to encourage environmental awareness, energy efficiency and action on climate change.

Earth Hour kicked off in Sydney, Australia in 2007. And I was there to take some photos before and after the lights went out.

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Powerpal Review

This blog post is a review of Powerpal - a new type of wireless energy monitor.

Powerpal is a patented Australian invention that we're excited to offer. It takes a new approach to energy monitoring on several fronts.

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Why We No Longer Sell Solar Air Heaters

Over the last few years we've sold many solar air heaters to some of our most enthusiastic energy-saving customers. Despite their utility, we've decided to remove solar air heaters from our range, for several reasons.

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