ALDI periodically promotes and sells LED light bulbs under the name 'LIGHTWAY'. It seems ALDI has done away with the 'Muller Licht' brand from previous years (which got some terrible reviews). Although only on offer very infrequently, they're worth reviewing given their generally low price points.

As sellers of quality LED lighting, we're always keen to review what else is on the market. Also, I often shop for groceries at ALDI and respect most of their product offering... So should you buy their LED light bulbs?

Here's a quick recap of some of their recent LED lighting offers. I've compared them to what we offer and highlighted key differences in green.

ALDI LED Light Bulbs - E27 (Screw) & B22 (Bayonet)

ALDI Lightway LED B22 Bulb

LED Bulb Features ALDI Bulbs
Philips Bulbs
Wattage 6W & 9W 6W, 8W, 10W, 14.5W and 19W
Dimmable No No
Shape A60 A60, A67 & A80
Lumen Output (Brightness) 470 & 806 Lm 560 to 2,300 Lm
Colour Temperature Warm White & Cool White
Warm White & Cool White
Rated Lifetime 15,000 hours 15,000 hours
Availability A few days per year Available now, all year
Price $2.99 Click here for latest: Philips LED Bulb B22 Bayonet CapPhilips LED Bulb E27 Edison Screw

Analysis: ALDI's basic LED light bulb pricing is sharp, for sure. But the energy efficiency of their globes is not great. We also have a much wider range of size and brightness options.

The energy efficiency of lighting is measured in lumens per watt. The ALDI lights range from 78 to 89 lumens/watt. Our comparable Philips light bulbs, on the other hand, range from 93 to 124 lumens/watt. In other words, you'll get more light for less energy cost from our Philips LED bulbs. 

ALDI LED Downlights - GU10 & MR16 Globes

 ALDI MR16 LED Downlight

MR16 Low-voltage LED
Dimmable No Yes
Transformer Compatibility Unknown Wide Range - Confirmed
Lumen Output (Brightness) 450 Lm 500 to 550 Lm
Colour Temperature 3000K or 6500K 2700K, 3000K or 4000K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80 90
Beam Angle 38˚ (TBC) 36˚ or 60˚
Rated Lifetime 15,000 hours 40,000 hours
Availability A few days per year In stock now, all year
Price $3.99 Click here: Philips MR16 LED Dimmable

Summary: Our LED downlights are much more likely to deliver a compatible and appropriate lighting solution. Our MR16 bulbs have superior lifetime, colour rendition, and more colour temperature options compared to ALDI's range.

I'd recommend trying the ALDI MR16's globes only in two instances:

  1. Very low usage areas, and where you have previously confirmed compatibility with your existing transformers.
  2. If you really want a stark cool daylight 6500K colour temperature (some people do).

    Also - the ALDI MR16 bulbs only work in non-dimmable locations.

    GU10 Mains-voltage LED
    Dimmable No Yes
    Lumen Output (Brightness) 470 Lm 395 to 420 Lm
    Colour Temperature 3000K or 6500K 2700K, 3000K or 4000K
    Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80 90
    Rated Lifetime 15,000 hours 25,000 hours
    Availability A few days per year In stock now, all year
    Price $3.99 Click here: Philips GU10 LED Dimmable

    Summary: The brightness of these ALDI GU10 light bulbs looks pretty good on spec. However, you may find that other specifications are far more important over the long term, such as:

    1. Lamp lifetime - our Philips lights last 66% longer.
    2. Compatibility - our GU10 can be used in both dimmable and non-dimmable light fittings.
    3. Better Light Quality - our downlights (both MR16 and GU10) have a higher colour rendering index. This means they are much better at portraying colours correctly.
    4. Options - our downlights comes in three colour temperature options - including a true warm white 2700K.

    We also sell an expanding range of Tri Colour LED Lights. These lights take the guess work out of colour temperature by providing three colour options built in.

    ALDI LED Candle Dimmable Bulbs 

    ALDI Lightway LED Candle

    LED Candle Bulb Features ALDI Candle
    Our Candle
    Dimmable Yes Yes
    Lumen Output (Brightness) 470 Lm 400 Lm
    Finish Frosted Frosted or Clear
    Colour Temperature Warm White Warm White or Cool Daylight
    Rated Lifetime Not stated 25,000 hours
    Availability A few days per year In stock now, all year
    Price $4.99 See here: LED candle shape light bulbs

    Summary: On paper, the dimmable ALDI candles are quite a compelling offer for the price. However, there are some colour temperature and 'finish' limitations.

    We also see a range of LED Filament Globes these give a great 'vintage' look, without the energy usage!

    ALDI LED Smart Bulbs & Solar Lights

    ALDI Smart Light Bulbs

    'Smart' Technology ALDI's Offer Our Offer
    Actual Wifi / Bluetooth Smart Bulbs N/A. Industry leading Philips Hue Smart LED Lights.
    Double Click Colour Change 9W Bulb switches between two colour temperatures (2700K and 4000K) Philips SceneSwitch range - discontinued due to low popularity.
    Motion Sensor 9W Bulb with an integrated motion sensor. Both bases available: Sensor Bulb E27 or Sensor Bulb B22.
    Turn Off Delay 9W Bulb stays on for 15 seconds after switched off. N/A. See all motion sensor lights (which include turn off delays)
    Solar Lights Solar step light and solar wall light with sensor. Several higher quality options search solar light.

    We really like most of these emerging 'smart lights' as a concept. They don't have the same level of smarts as a Philips Hue bulb. But at the same time, they don't have the same level of complexity, either! I think we'll see more interesting options in this space as time goes on.

    So - Should You Buy LED Lights from ALDI?

    In summary, I would not be tempted by the low prices on most of the lights. Although, I did note some exceptions where I would use them in the description above.

    In my experience, most customers will require a better or different solution for many of the globes. For example, our MR16 LED is one of our hottest selling products despite its higher price point. Many of our customers have previously been burnt buying cheap LEDs elsewhere... 

    I think ALDI is only really for you if you:

    • wish to chase the lowest price in the market,
    • aren't concerned about potential longevity / warranty issues,
    • and happen to be in store on the few days per year that they offer the LED lights.

    Otherwise, I'd encourage you to consider our huge range of LED lights. We are energy efficiency specialists who can give you advice as well as products. We back-up our quality claims by offering a minimum 2 year warranty on all lighting products. In fact, many of our LED lights now have a 3 or 5 year warranty. We also carry decent stock quantities of all options, all year round.

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