FLIR Moisture Meter Review - MR60 vs. MR77 vs. MR277

Moisture meters are essential for building inspections, restoration work, and diagnosing issues like mould and leaks.

In this article, we'll compare three notable FLIR moisture meters we sell - the MR60, MR77, and MR277.


  • Basic Moisture Meter: The MR60 is a basic moisture meter, ideal for professionals who need a rugged and reliable tool for quick moisture checks.
  • Pin and Pinless Measurements: It supports pin and pinless measurements, allowing you to measure moisture without damaging surfaces.
  • Portable Design: The MR60 is compact and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Ample Data Storage: Capable of storing data for later review. Data is exportable via the included USB cable. 

    FLIR MR77

    • All-In-One Moisture Meter: The MR77 is a step up from the MR60 with a range of added features.
    • Pin and Pinless Measurements: Like the MR60, the MR77 supports both pin and pinless measurements.
    • Wireless Connectivity: It features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect it to the FLIR Tools mobile app.
    • Additional Sensors: It includes a built-in infrared thermometer and relative humidity sensor.
    • Field Replaceable Temperature/RH Sensor: Ensuring minimal downtime (FLIR part number MR01).
    • Long Battery Life: The MR77 has the longest battery life (approximately 100 hours) of these three moisture meters. However, unlike the other two, it uses a replaceable 9V alkaline battery rather than an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery.

      FLIR MR277

      • Advanced Imaging Moisture Meter: The MR277 is the most advanced among the three, combining a moisture meter with a thermal imaging camera.
      • Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM): It features IGM technology that visually guides you to the spot where you can confidently take measurements.
      • Pin and Pinless Measurements: It supports pin and pinless readings like the others.
      • Field Replaceable Temperature/RH Sensor: Like the MR77, it includes a replaceable sensor on the top of the device (FLIR part number MR01).
      • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth and METERLiNK connectivity for integration with FLIR Tools.
      • Large Display: Comes with a larger colour screen display for thermal images and moisture readings.
      • Built-in Visual Camera: You can take both standard and thermal images and add them to your reports.


        Here’s a quick comparison table to wrap it up:

        Feature FLIR MR60 FLIR MR77 FLIR MR277
        Pin & Pinless Measurement
        Display 2.3inch TFT Colour 2.2inch LCD 2.8inch TFT Colour
        Wireless Connectivity - Bluetooth & MeterLink Bluetooth & MeterLink
        Additional Sensors - Temp, RH, & IR Thermometer Temp, RH, & IR Thermometer
        Thermal Imaging - -
        LED Worklight - -
        Visual Camera - -
        Rugged Design IP54, 3m drop 2m drop IP54, 2m drop
        Laser Pointer -
        Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Replaceable 9V Alkaline Rechargeable Lithium
        Battery Life ~18h  ~100h ~8h
        Storage Size 4GB (10,000 readings as BMP images) 20 readings (use Bluetooth to relay data to FLIR Tools) 8GB (15,000 radiometric JPG images)


        The MR60 is ideal for moisture assessments where you want take and store lots of measurements. The MR77 offers additional features suitable for more detailed inspections. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution with thermal imaging capabilities, the MR277 is your best bet.

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