FLIR Cameras Review - History, Technology, Software, & More

About FLIR Thermal Cameras

Reduction Revolution is a national distributor for Teledyne FLIR Australia (previously known as FLIR Systems). FLIR is a long-standby industry leader in thermal imaging.

We sell a wide range of FLIR Thermal Cameras, accessories, and software.


FLIR Australia


All FLIR thermal cameras purchased online from us come with a FLIR Australia warranty. This includes a minimum two-year warranty on all devices and up to 10 years on the thermal detector.

What Does FLIR Mean?

FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infra Red. So the name 'FLIR' represents both the category of products sold and the company itself.

'Forward Looking' is pretty self-explanatory. These devices detect infrared radiation emitted from any object in their forward-looking field of view.

'Infra Red' refers to the electromagnetic radiation that sits below the colour red on the visible spectrum. In fact, 'infra' is Latin for below or underneath.

FLIR Camera MSX Image Enhancement

FLIR's Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging or MSX technology blends a base thermal image with a visual image. This creates a much better-defined thermal image with clean edges. It also allows for details such as numbers written on an electrical switchboard to become readable on the thermal image. All of the FLIR thermal cameras we sell now incorporate this important feature.

FLIR Thermal Camera MSX Image

FLIR's MSX technology dramatically improves the quality of your saved thermal images.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Clarity & Quality

A more subtle attribute of FLIR thermal cameras is the quality of their thermal images. FLIR is the industry leader in thermal detectors, and this shows when you review the images produced by other cameras. We recently reviewed the SEEK thermal range and found the photos grainy and hard to interpret when compared with FLIR images of the same objects.

FLIR Technology & Company History

FLIR was founded in the USA in 1978 and listed on the stock exchange in the early 1990s. FLIR has a long history of innovation, as well as acquiring other companies related to thermal imaging. In early 2021 FLIR was itself acquired by Teledyne Technologies for US$8 Billion (link).

The history of FLIR technology goes back another 100 years - to 1878 - with the invention of the 'bolometer'. A bolometer detects electromagnetic radiation and turns it into an electrical signal. This device's conversion into a compact size (the microbolometer) enabled thermal imaging.

FLIR is the global leader in thermal imaging technology. In the ten years we've been selling FLIR cameras, thermal imaging has become substantially more accessible. The specs have improved, and the prices have decreased considerably with the advent of the FLIR ONE Pro and others.

FLIR Training Courses

Most of our customers find our FLIR thermal cameras very easy to use. In fact, many customers simply start using them straight out of the box - they are that intuitive for many applications.

However, we recommend some training to dig a little deeper into their capabilities. We recommend you review our free online thermography training blog post. You may also like to consider FLIR's half-day training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Software

Like thermography training, many customers never need to use specialist FLIR software. This is because the images on our FLIR cameras are accessible as JPG's - similar to how you access photos from a digital camera.

However, with FLIR software, you can take your thermal image analysis and reporting to the next level. Here is a summary of available FLIR software:

Name Details / Link Cost
FLIR Tools Mobile App for Apple or Android Free
FLIR ONE Mobile For iPhone or Android FLIR ONE Pro Free
FLIR Tools Desktop & FLIR Tools Plus The FLIR Tools and FLIR Tools+ desktop applications are no longer available to new users. They been superseded by FLIR Ignite and Thermal Studio (see below). N/A
FLIR Ignite Cloud platform for FLIR C3-X, FLIR C5 and FLIR Exx Series 1GB Free
FLIR Thermal Studio Order Online (PC only) Free or Paid

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Read our more detailed guide to thermal imaging cameras or drop us a line.

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