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Introducing The FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

FLIR Thermal Studio is the latest PC (Windows) software package for professional users of our thermal imaging cameras. Here are some of its features:

Create Professional Inspection Reports - Build reports with hundreds of images quickly. Use customisable templates, overlays and formulas.

Streamline Your Thermal Analysis - Use advanced tools such as 'batch processing' and 'magic wand' to enhance and edit thermal images.

Take Thermal Video to The Next Level - Steam, record, and edit thermal video footage.

FLIR Thermal Studio Suite Software Screen

A screen from the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite.

Choose a 1 Year or Perpetual License

Use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to choose between a 1-year subscription or a perpetual (ongoing) license for FLIR Thermal Studio.

1 Year License - Use the FLIR Thermal Studio suite for one year, then renew if needed.

Perpetual License - Pay for the Thermal Studio upfront, and you will not have to pay any ongoing license fees.

Choose Between Standard or Pro Thermal Studio

The FLIR Thermal Studio software comes in two paid options: Standard and Pro. Here is a table that shows the key differences:

Standard Pro
View and edit radiometric images View and edit radiometric images
Stream and edit radiometric video Stream, record, and edit radiometric video (plus dual streaming: visual & IR)
Custom image overlays Custom image overlays
Measurement Functions: Spot, Box, Ellipse, Line, Delta, Profile Measurement Functions: Spot, Box, Ellipse, Line, Delta, Profile, Polygon, Polyline, Magic Wand
Pre-defined and up to five custom report templates Pre-defined and unlimited custom report templates
- Use a custom company logo in reports in place of the FLIR logo on the image
Panorama image mode
- Compatible with FLIR Route Creator plugin

For a complete feature comparison, see our further documentation section in the specification table below.

Specifications - FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

Supported Cameras All FLIR cameras that generate radiometric JPEG images. Including A-, B-, C-, K-, T-, E-, GF-, i-, P6- and FLIR One series.
Export Formats PDF, XPS, JPG, ATR, CSV, AVI
Report Generation Create rapid report shortcuts and custom report templates
Image Controls MSX alignment, free rotation, resize, crop
Image Presentation MSX, thermal only, thermal fusion, blending, picture-in-picture, visual only
Operating System Windows 7 and newer
Product Identifiers T300341, T300243, T300258, T300083 (FLIR part numbers)
Further Documentation Standard vs Pro Feature Comparison Table (PDF), User Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FLIR Thermal Studio work on Apple / Mac devices?

No, please see the FLIR Tools+ software package, which still has a Mac version available.

FLIR Thermal Studio Software has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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