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The PowerTracker / Billion Smart Energy Gateway is an all-in-one router for real-time energy management. It is the "hub" for the Power Tracker energy monitoring system.

The Smart Energy Gateway can communicate wirelessly with Billion ZigBee enabled smart devices such as:

    Why choose Power Tracker over other data logging solutions?

    You may have noticed that we also sell other lower cost wireless energy monitors. The Power Tracker system offers the following benefits over other energy monitoring solutions:

    It is much higher accuracy. Power Tracker sensors measure very small power consumption down to 0.001kWh. Measurement accuracy is typically within the range of ±1%.

    It can measure larger loads. Power Tracker's three phase meters can be configured to monitor up to 1,000 amps per phase.

    It measures power flow in both directions. The Power Tracker devices can sense power flow in both directions (important for sites with solar PV panels installed).

    It tracks much more than just power (Watts). The Power Tracker system also records Current, Voltage, Power Factor, Cost, Apparent Power (VA), Real Power (Watts) and Grid Frequency.

    It does not use batteries. As the sensors are hard wired in, they do not require continued maintenance or replacement batteries.

    It can be used at sites with no internet (just 3G). At sites that do not have an internet connection, the Gateway can be connected to the internet with a 3G modem. If you are a consultant you can use you own internet connection rather than having to rely on your customer's internet which may be secure or inaccessible. 

      View Your Energy Usage Online - Software Included in Price

      The image below shows an example from the Power Tracker online portal. This is where you can view and export your energy consumption data. Access to the portal is included in the cost of the unit – there are no additional software fees.

      Once logged in, you can click any of the squares to view historical data. Additional information such as cost predictions and local weather is also shown.

      Specifications - Power Tracker / Billion Smart Energy Gateway

      Power Consumption Approx 10W
      Power Supply
      12V DC - item comes with power supply with Australia / New Zealand power plug.
      IEEE 802.11 B/G/N
      Dimensions 185mm x 123.5mm x 35mm
      Hardware Specifications USB - 2 x USB 2.0 ports
      WLAN - 2T2R Antennas
      Ethernet - 3 x Ethernet ports
      WAN - 1 x Ethernet port
      Buttons - Reset button, WPS/ZigBee push button, Power jack & Power switch
      Product Identifiers PowerTracker SG6200NXL, 3G Wireless-N Smart Energy Gateway, 4719170003518 (Barcode)
      Further Documentation Data Sheet (PDF)

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does it connect to the internet?

      The Power Tracker Smart Energy Gateway can connect to the internet in a variety of ways, including:

      • Directly (ie. it can become your main internet router),
      • Via network cable into the back or your existing router,
      • Via wifi to your existing wifi network,
      • Via 3G modem / dongle (ideal for remote sites).

      How many devices can be connected to a gateway?

      The Power Tracker Smart Energy Gateway will accept data from up to 30 devices (smart clamps, 3 phase meters, appliance sensors, etc)

      What is the wireless range of the gateway?

      The Gateway uses the Zigbee protocol to communicate with the energy monitoring devices (not conventional wifi, which it can use to connect to the internet). Zigbee tends to have a range of up to 20 metres only. This does not mean that all monitors need to be within 20 metres of the gateway, but it does mean that at least one device needs to be within 20 metres, and the next device within 20 metres of it, etc. This is because the devices form a 'mesh network' which simply means that each sensor can relay data to other devices to increase the effective range of the entire system.

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