Smart Plug With Energy Monitor

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A Smart Plug to Monitor & Control Your Appliances

This Wifi Smart Plug allows you to monitor power usage and control appliances from your phone or tablet. You can control these smart plugs from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Control - Switch an appliance or group of appliances on and off from the App.
  • Monitor - See real-time power use and historical energy data.
  • Save - Create schedules and timers to switch appliances on and off automatically.

The Smart Plug works with any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. It's also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

How the Wifi Smart Plug Works

The Smart Plug lets you switch, track, and schedule your plug-in appliances.

The Smart Plug connects to your internet router via Wifi. Your router then sends data to the Smart Life App via the Internet.

The free Smart Life App is a direct portal to your Smart Plug. Whatever changes you make on the App are immediately loaded to the selected plug.

Your phone or wireless network does not need to be on for the Smart Plug to continue functioning. All the settings are stored locally on the plug until you next access and change them via the App.

Specifications - Wifi Smart Plug With Energy Monitor

Socket Type Regular AU/NZ 10A Power Plug
Voltage 220-240V AC
Power Usage
1W or less
Control Switches loads up to 2400W (10A)
Measurements Watts, Amps, Voltage and kWh
Wifi Type 2.4Ghz Only
Dimensions 66mm tall x 43.5mm wide x 57.5mm deep (including 20mm pins)
Weight 70 grams
Installation Self-install, indoor only
Smartphone Apps Android (Google Play Store)
Apple iOS (iTunes App Store)
Further Details User Manual (PDF)
Product Identifiers Laser Smart Plug With Energy Monitor; LSH-PLGPM-001
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Smart Plugs can I control with the app?

The Smart Life App can control up to 120 smart plugs. Please note that app responsiveness may slow if a large number of smart plugs are connected.

Will two Smart Plugs fit side by side in a double power point?

Yes - They are 4.35cm wide, slim enough to fit two in a dual power point. The illustration below shows two connected to a Clipsal Classic Double General Purpose Outlet (GPO).

Two Smart Plugs fit in a standard Clipsal Classic twin power outlet

What other options do you sell?

We also sell other plug-in power meters and wireless energy monitors to track your power usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adrian Currell

The product does what it says and is easy to use. Only improvement that comes to my mind is downloadable CSVs of data and more granulated data ( hourly would be good).

Davin Barrott

Smart Plug With Energy Monitor

SG Lee

Great little device. Perform as claimed. Would have a 5 star rating if data from the apps can be exported.

Stephen Windle
Smart Plug with Energy Monitor

Works fine, not very good with marginal wifi. Limited by the app, it will only connect to Laser Smart and there is no way to download power consumption data, you have to copy it manually from the app one device at a time

Hi Stephen, The Smart Plug can also connect to 'Smart Life' and 'Tuya Smart' apps. New features are being added freqently by the software developer, Tuya. Regarding WiFi signal strength, using a 2.4Ghz range extender can help. An inexpensive example is the TP-Link TL-WA850RE. Alternatively, upgrading your home router to a mesh network type would allow you to add nodes to any parts of your home with poor signal strength.

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