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Track Your Home Energy Usage Like Never Before

Powersensor is an innovative Australian designed home energy monitoring system. It helps you optimise your energy consumption by providing real-time data and detailed historical information.

Easy DIY Installation. No electrician or tools are required.

Realtime Energy Data. Get instant access to your energy consumption, no more waiting months for your electricity bill to arrive.

Energy & Cost Insights. Uncover what appliances use the most power and when you spend the most money on electricity usage.

Solar Power Ready. If you install solar panels later, simply add a Sensor to track your solar production. If you already have solar, see our solar monitoring kit.

Home Energy Monitoring Device

The App includes an easy to follow setup guide when you first install your home energy monitor. You'll be up and running in about 10 minutes!

Home Energy Monitoring System - How it Works

The Powersensor has three main parts, as outlined below:

1) The Sensor is a wireless device you install near your mains service fuse or electricity meter. This rechargeable battery-powered Sensor requires no tools for installation. It uses a patented technique to accurately measure electricity flow without making direct contact with any wires. It transmits data to the Plug using Bluetooth.

2) The Plug that plugs into a regularly used appliance inside your home. It measures and logs power usage through this appliance, acting as a calibration system for the Sensor. It also relays the data from the Sensor to the internet via your home wifi network.

3) The App provides access to your data, whether you're at home or away. The App includes both energy and cost tracking, and you can view your energy data in a wide variety of ways.

How Wireless Wifi Home Energy Monitor Works

How the Powersensor home energy monitor works. Scroll through the images section at the top of this page for more details.

Specifications - Home Energy Monitor & App

Kit Components 1 x Sensor, 1 x Plug
Plug Standard three-pin AU/NZ power plug: 240 V AC 50Hz 10A. Uses less than 1W of power to operate.
Sensor Weatherproof sensor with pre-installed user-rechargeable battery. The battery lasts approx 1 to 2 years (USB recharge cable included).
Wireless Range Sensors to Plug: within about 10m or two rooms, extendable with an extra plug. Plug to internet router: up to 50m, extendable with Wifi repeater.
Wireless Protocol Plug: Wifi 2.4 GHz. Sensor: Bluetooth.
3 Phase Compatible No
Tariffs Full tariff control, including time-of-use tariffs, single fixed tariffs, daily usage charges, and seasonal adjustment of rates (manual data entry by user).
Accuracy Within 5%, typically better
Dimensions Plug: 9.9cm (Height) x 4.3cm (Width) x 3.8cm (Depth, excluding pins). Sensor: 9cm x 4.2cm x 3.2cm
Weight Plug: 84 grams. Sensor: 96 grams.
Installation Easy app-guided self-installation
Product Identifiers DiUS Powersensor Consumption Kit
Further Documentation Quickstart Guide: Plug (PDF) & Sensor (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with 3 phase power?

No. This home energy monitor currently only works with single-phase households, the most common type.

If you have a three-phase power supply, please consider another type of electricity monitor.

Not sure what type of power you have? See our blog post on how to tell if you have 3 phase power.

Is this a remotely accessible energy monitor?

Yes. The Plug connects to the internet. You can check your energy usage from home, at the office, or anywhere in the world.

How often does the data update?

Readings update in the App every 30 seconds. As such, you can readily observe changes in power usage from individual appliances.

The Plug also acts as an individual appliance power meter - providing a handy usage log for a frequently used appliance.

Can I add more Plugs to track more appliances in detail?

Yes - you can add up to eight extra Powersensor Plugs to monitor more appliances from within the app.

What's in the home energy monitoring kit?

You will receive everything you need, including:

  • 1 x Plug - sits inside your home, ideally within one to two rooms of your electricity meter box. Add an extra plug if you need to extend this range.
  • 1 x Sensor - goes inside your electricity meter box.
  • A USB cable to recharge the Sensor every one to two years.
  • High quality 3M Dual Lock reclosable velcro pads to secure the Sensor in place. 
  • Instructions and a QR code to download the App.

Is the software / App free?

Yes. Your purchase of the device on this page covers the cost of the App. Here are the download links for any Apple or Android smartphone:


Unlike other electricity monitoring devices, Powersensor does not charge ongoing fees. However, they may release even more features in the future as an optional extra (premium subscription).

Can I export or download my energy data?

Yes. The App includes a reporting and data export function (to a .csv spreadsheet file). The App itself is very detailed and easy to navigate, so most users do not need this feature.

Daily Energy Usage kWh Powersensor App Screen

Example screenshot from the Powersensor home electricity monitor. See the images section at the top of this page for more screenshots.

Customer Reviews

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Dallas Pearce

I'm impressed.

Giancarlos Serafini

Powersensor Energy Monitor & App

Mike Horne

An excellent device to help monitor home power usage.

Power Monitor

I purchased this product a little while ago and am finding it far superior to any i have had before

Simple and accurate

Very easy to install, simple to operate, and accurate data (exact match to logging from AusNet).

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