Power Tracker Wireless Energy Monitor & Data Logger

Power Tracker

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A High Accuracy Energy Monitoring Solution

The Power Tracker is a high accuracy energy monitor for sites that require a remote monitoring or data logging solution.

Please note: If you are after a simple / low cost solution for small sites you might like to check out the Efergy Engage Hub.

The Power Tracker has three main components as pictured:

  1. Clamps, Plugs & Meters - smart devices to measure your power consumption.
  2. Gateway - receives data wirelessly from the smart devices and sends this to the server.
  3. Web Portal - where you log-in to view and export the data.

Customise a Package for Residential or Commercial Applications

To get started you will need 1 x Energy Gateway.

After that you can customise the system to your needs (see the drop-down menu above for the additional parts):

  • Smart Clamp (Single Phase 100amp) - if you have three phase, you will need 3 of these, or one of the higher capacity 3 Phase meters.
  • Smart Appliance Plug (10amp) - for regular power points.
  • 3 Phase Meters - for larger three phase circuits or entire sites between 100 and 300 amps per phase. These 3 Phase Meters can be used in conjunction with additional CT clamps for monitoring larger sites up to 1,000 amps per phase.

      After installation, go to the Power Tracker online portal to view instant, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy consumption data.

      • View easy-to-read graphs and charts
      • Monitor your solar PV system
      • Monitor the whole site, individual circuits or plug-in appliances
      • Control your home and office appliances remotely

      View Your Energy Usage Online - Software Included in Price

      The image below shows an example from the Power Tracker online portal. This is where you can view and export your energy consumption data. Access to the portal is included in the cost of the unit – there are no additional software fees.

      Once logged in, you can click any of the squares to view historical data. Additional information such as cost predictions and local weather is also shown.


      Power Tracker Energy Gateway (required)

      The Smart Energy Gateway is a special wireless router that receives data from the sensors and sends it to the online portal.

      • Receives data from up to 30 clamps or appliances
      • Connects to the internet via network cable, wi-fi, or 3G modem
      • Price includes software and ongoing access to the online portal

      Power Tracker Smart Clamp (100 amp)

      The Power Tracker Smart Clamp is a high accuracy current sensor CT clamp plus hard-wired voltage sensor. It must be installed by an electrician.

      • Monitor the entire energy use of your home or business, and/or,
      • Monitor individual circuits and hard wired appliances such as hot water, air conditioning or lighting
      • Measures current flow in both directions

      Power Tracker Smart Appliance Plug (10 amp)

      The Power Tracker Smart Appliance sensor measures the energy consumption of any plug-in appliance. This can be self-installed.

      • Monitor fridge/freezers, pumps, TVs, etc.
      • Power surge protection
      • Turn on and off remotely

      3 Phase Meters (100 amp +)

      Power Tracker 3 PhaseThe Power Tracker system also has several higher-amp options suitable for large commercial and industrial sites. Options include a 3 phase meter with LCD display and required zigbee converter available in the following configurations:

      • 100 amps per phase
      • 200 amps per phase
      • 300 amps per phase

      *** See the drop down menu at the top of this page for pricing on all components ***

      Cable & CT Clamp Sizing Chart

      The following table shows what size Power Tracker CT Sensor (right column) is needed for different supply cable sizes (left and middle columns).

      Cable XLPE Size Cable Diameter CT Size Required
      4 8 100amp 15.7mm 
      6 9 100amp 15.7mm 
      10 10 100amp 15.7mm 
      16 11 100amp 15.7mm
      25 12 100amp 15.7mm
      35 13 100amp 15.7mm 
      50 15 100amp 15.7mm
      70 16 200amp 24mm 
      95 18 200amp 24mm 
      120 20 200amp 24mm 
      150 22 200amp 24mm 
      185 24 300amp 35mm 
      240 27 300amp 35mm 
      300 30 300amp 35mm 
      400 33 300amp 35mm 
      500 36 1000amp 51mm
      630 40 1000amp 51mm 
      800 47 1000amp 51mm
      1000 51 1000amp 51mm

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