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A Smart Plug to Monitor, Control, & Charge

The Powertech WiFi Smart Plug allows you to monitor power usage and control many appliances from your phone or tablet. Once the device is set-up, you can control the plug from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Control - Switch an appliance or group of appliances on and off from the Smart Life App.
  • Monitor - See real-time power use and historical energy monitoring.
  • Save - Schedule timers and countdowns to automatically switch appliances on and off.
  • Charge - Dual USB outputs to charge your smartphone and other USB gadgets.

The Smart Plug works with any Android smartphone or Apple iOS iPhone or iPad. It's also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The accompanying 'Smart Life' web app is FREE and works on any Android or Apple device. Download it from here: Android (Google Play Store) or Apple iPhone iOS (App Store).

All you need to decide is how many of these wifi plugs you need for your smart home!


Click images above to download the Smart Life app.

How the WiFi Smart Plug Works

The Smart Plug allows you to switch on and off, track, and schedule appliances that are plugged into it.

The Smart Plug connects to your internet router via Wi-Fi. Your router then sends data to the Smart Life App via the internet.

The Smart Life App (which you can download for free above) acts as a direct portal to your Smart Plug. Whatever changes you make on the App are immediately applied to the selected plug.

This means you can 'set and forget.' In other words, the App, your phone or the wireless network do not need to be on for the Smart Plug to keep functioning. All the settings are stored on the plug until you next access and change them via the App.

Powertech Smart Plug Wi-Fi Energy Monitor - Technical Specifications

Socket Type Regular 10A Power Plug
Working Voltage 240V
Voltage Frequency 50Hz
Dimensions 100mm x 45mm x 58mm
Power Control Switches loads up to 2400W (10A)
Power Measurement 0.2 - 2400W
Power Resolution One decimal place (eg 123.4 watts)
USB outlets Two USB sockets
5V DC with 2.4A total shared output
Always on - not controllable through app.
Supported WiFi network type 2.4Ghz only
Installation Self-install, indoor only
Smartphone Apps Android (Google Play Store)
Apple iOS (iTunes App Store)
Documentation Powertech Smart Plug Setup Manual (PDF)
Product Identifiers MS6104 (Part Number)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Smart Plug?

Installation is easy:

  1. Download the Tuya Smart Life app (see links above).
  2. Check that you're phone or tablet is connected to your home WiFi network.
  3. Register an account on the Smart Life App.
  4. Click 'Add Device' and select 'Electrical Socket' from the list of choices.
  5. Plug the Powertech Smart Plug into a power outlet. The WiFi LED on the device should flash quickly. If it doesn't, press and hold the button on the unit until the LED starts to flash rapidly.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your WiFi network details.
  7. After the automated set-up completes and you've connected, you’ll find it in the device list on the app.

How accurate is the WiFi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring?

We have tested the smart socket against our Power Meter and Power Mate Lite. We found it to be well within the stated specification of ±5% accuracy for kWh tracking.

What happens if the mains power goes out?

By default, the Wi-fi Smart Plug will default to the 'off' setting following a loss of mains power (blackout or removing it from the wall outlet). When connected to devices like a wall heater, this works well.

But you may have a situation where the smart plug needs to pass through power by default. For example when connected to a fridge or internet modem. If so, try this trick: Set a timer schedule to switch the plug ON every 30 minutes daily (or an interval that suits your situation). Then when power is restored to the unit, it will pass it through to your device within 30 minutes.

How many Smart Plugs can I control with the app?

The Smart Life app is capable of controlling dozens of smart plugs.

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