Verbatim T8 LED Tube 14W - 4 Foot (1200mm)


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Premium LED Tube for Maximum Brightness

The Verbatim high brightness LED Tube replaces existing fluorescent lighting.

  • High brightness - 2,100 lumen output using just 14W (the previous model was 18W).
  • Reduces fluro tube energy consumption by over 60%.
  • Designed to operate for 30,000 hours.
  • No electrician required in most cases - install it yourself.

Fits all standard T8 light fittings '4 foot' (~1.2m) in length. This item replaces regular 36W fluoro tubes with a 14W LED.

Get 30% More Light Output

This high brightness 120cm LED tube is 30% brighter than other LED tubes of the same size. It produces light at a very high 'luminous efficacy' of 150 lumens per watt.

This improved performance is ideal for certain lighting applications, such as:

1) Retail environments for maximum brightness. Supermarkets and shops where high brightness is desired to maximise sales.

2) Where existing light levels need to be improved. If your existing fluorescent lighting is looking a little gloomy, this LED tube is your best bet in brightening up the space.

3) De-lamping for greatest energy savings. In low occupancy spaces like corridors and storage areas, you may be able to do a two-for-one replacement using this tube. In other words: remove 2 x fluro tubes and replace with 1 x high brightness LED tube.

Installation Guide - 4 Foot (120cm) LED Fluoro Tube

There are two main types of fluorescent light fittings in existing buildings:

1) Magnetic ballast fittings - with starters. These are the most common fitting type. Simply replace the tube and starter (supplied) and you're done! Magnetic ballast fittings are identifiable by the fact they have starters present.

LED Tube Installation Guide

Easy installation for any fitting with a starter.

2) Electronic ballast fittings - no starters. Unlike the example shown above, these fittings do not have a starter. These units will require an electrician to 'wire out' the existing ballast. Fittings without starters that come on instantly are generally electronic ballast.

Price Includes LED Starter

Don't forget to check the packaging for the LED starter. It's easy to miss if you happen to open the package at the other end!

The LED starter is essentially just a safety fuse. It allows the LED tube to work in your existing light fittings, with no further modification.

Specifications - Verbatim 4 Foot LED Tube - High Lumen Model

Fitting Type T8 tube / G13 connector
Power Consumption 14 Watts (replace 36W tube)
Voltage 100-240 V AC
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 6500K ('daylight')
Colour Codes 865
Beam Angle 220°
Light Output 2,100 lumen
Luminous Efficacy 150 lumens/watt
Dimmable No
Dimensions 1,198mm (length excluding pins) x 25mm (wide)
Weight 184 grams
Installation Self install or consult an electrician
Carton Quantity 25 (this listing is for 1 tube)
Warranty 3 years
Product Identifiers 66211 (Order code), 6943760262117 (Barcode). Previously: 65372 & 6943760253726.
Further Documentation Datasheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 'high output' option best for me?

For most 36W fluro replacements where maximum cost savings are the goal, we suggest the Philips Master 10.5W LED tube. It produces 1,600 lumens of light. If you need more light, then the Verbatim 14W high output tube with 2,100 lumens is a better choice.

What other options and sizes of LED tubes are available?

See our complete range of LED Tubes. You may also require 2ft LED tubes, or the longer 5ft LED tubes. If upgrading office lighting we recommend you also consider these LED panel lights designed for t-bar suspended ceilings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Maurice G.
I had purchased a number

I had purchased a number of these items from Reduction Revolution in the past and decided to finally replace all those remaining.

David M.
LED Tubes

Seem to work well, a bit brighter than the old fluoros. Haven't installed the 600mm ones yet.
Easy to install.

Michael W.
I replaced my workshop fluoros

I replaced my workshop fluoros with these. They were very simple to fit and give much more light than before.
Mike W

Robert S.
Great Upgrade

Lower power consumption, brighter, instant on and no more flickering. Should have done this years ago.

David B.
LED Tube


Scott T.

Super bright and nearly a third of the power usage of fluorescent tubes night and day difference in my garage I can now see everything without shadows and dark spots it’s a no brainer you’ve got to try these you won’t look back

Allan W.
Instant bright light

I replaced the old T8 fluoros in my garage with these LEDs. The light is excellent, particularly at night, with no flickering. I recommended them to a neighbour who subsequently purchased several tubes.

John B.
makes a huge difference to

makes a huge difference to the light level in my garage - highly recommended

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