Osram T8 LED Tube with Motion Sensor - 600mm

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'2 Foot' LED Tube with Microwave Occupancy Sensor

The Osram LED Motion Sensor Tube is an energy-saving replacement for always-on 2 Foot T8 fluro tubes. It dims down to low brightness when no one is around.

It is an ideal lighting solution for areas such as car parks, corridors and storage areas.

  • Light output drops to 30% when no movement detected.
  • The in-built microwave motion sensor is more effective than PIR infrared sensors.
  • Includes replacement starter (so you can install yourself).
  • Works in all fitting types, including those with a diffuser!
  • Price includes 600mm LED tube with sensor and LED starter.

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Motion Sensor Lighting That Just Works

Historically, motion sensor systems have been complicated to install. Take car-parks for example, how do you position enough sensors so people don't get left in the dark? [Answer: you can't]

The Osram LED Sensor Tube addresses this issue by including a sensor with every tube. This way lights are only fully lit in the areas which are actually occupied.

Furthermore, when not on at full brightness, they do not turn off completely. They remain in standby (sensing) mode and still emit 30% of their total light output.

Save up to $50 per year per tube replaced

Compared to old fluorescent tubes, the Osram T8 LED Sensor Tube reduces energy costs by over 90%. Here is an example:

  • Old T8 Fluorescent tube 18W plus 7W in the ballast (25W total) operating 24hrs/day. Total = 0.60 kWh/day.
  • New Sensor LED tube 8W (eg. 1 hour per day) and 2W in standby at all other times. Total = 0.06 kWh/day.
  • That's a 90% energy saving!

Osram Motion Sensor Tube Savings

The annual operating cost of 24/7 lighting options.

Installation Guide - 2 Foot (600mm) LED Sensor Tube

The Osram LED Motion Sensor Tube fits into your existing fluorescent T8 light fixtures. There are two main types of fluro light fittings:

1) Magnetic ballast fittings - with starters. These are the most common fitting type. Simply replace the tube and starter (supplied) and you're done! Magnetic ballast fittings are identifiable by the fact they have starters present.

Easy installation for any fitting with a starter.

2) Electronic ballast fittings - no starters. Unlike the example shown above, these fittings do not have a starter. These units will require an electrician to 'wire out' the existing ballast. Fittings without starters that come on instantly are generally electronic ballast.

Specifications - Osram 600mm '2ft' LED Tube with Microwave Motion Sensor

Fitting Type Glass T8 tube / G13 connector
Power Usage 8 Watts (when on at full brightness) and 2.4 Watts (standby mode at 30% brightness)
Operating Description Stays on as long as motion is detected. Goes into standby mode (reduced brightness) after 30 seconds of no movement. Microwave sensor range is up to approx 12m
Voltage 220-240 V AC 50-60Hz
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 6500K (Daylight)
Colour Code 865
Light Output 800 lumen
Dimmable / Sensor Override Option No / No
IP Rating IP20
Dimensions 604mm (total length including pins) x 28mm (wide)
Weight 190g (packaged)
Carton Quantity 25 (this listing is for 1 sensor tube)
Warranty 3 Years
Product Identifiers Product Name: Osram Ledvance LED STAR+ Motion Sensor Tube ST8S-0.6M 8W / 865(6500K) 230V EM 25X1 APM OSRAM
Further Details Single-end power supply, safety fuse in supplied LED starter. Spec Sheet & Install Guide (PDF)

Motion sensing detection range for Osram LED Star+ tube:

LED Motion Sensor Tube Detection Range

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Saeid senobari

Osram T8 LED Tube with Motion Sensor - 600mm

brian lawrence

Brilliant idea

Joshua Edwards
Works great

Worked perfect! Easy to install, very happy.
Sensor doesn't miss anything

Samuel Herren

they are ok

Shane P.
Strong performer, hyper sensitive sensor

Excellent light, nothing seems to get past the microwave sensor. Happy to have the option of 4000K instead of the more atypical (with LED) 6500K, it's a gentler light.

Barry W.
Works a treat.

Bought these to replace our current fluorescent tubes in our carpark which were always on. Seemed a waste! These sensor ones, even in their dimmed state, are light enough but use much less electricity. So they look the same but am saving so much on our power bills. A no brainer!

Craig P.
Work as promised.

Work as promised.

Adolf S.
like it very mich

like it very mich

Nathan G.
Great value

I live in a household where my house mates never turn off a light when they leave a room. This bulb has saved so many arguements. The dimming feature is amazing and works really well

Kevin A.
Good service and timely delivery.

Good service and timely delivery.

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