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Extra Lenses for FLIR Thermal Cameras

These high-quality lenses from FLIR are an optional extra for the following thermal imaging cameras:

  • FLIR Exx Series - including our FLIR E76, E86 & E96 advanced thermal cameras, as well as the earlier E75, E85 and E95.
  • T5xx & T8xx Series - including the T530, T540, T560, T840, T865 T Series cameras.
  • Axxx Series - including the A400 and A700 professional science kits.

Use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to select your preferred option:

14˚ Telephoto Lens - This lens is often used for inspecting objects at a distance, such as power lines, manufacturing and mining equipment, etc.

24˚ Standard Lens - Unless otherwise specified, this lens is included with your FLIR Exx Series thermal camera. Its field of view is good for all-around versatility.

42˚ Wide Angle Lens - This lens is ideal for building inspections or other applications where a wider field of view is required.

2x Macro Lens - This lens is used by research, engineering, and product development teams. It provides a 2x magnification compared to the standard lens.

FLIR Lens Comparison

The above image shows the relative difference between the 42˚ Wide Angle Lens (left), 24˚ Standard Lens (middle), and 14˚ Telephoto Lens (right).

FLIR Lenses - Optical Specifications

Option Field of View (FoV) Focal Length Minimum Focus Distance
14˚ Lens
14˚ x 10˚ 29mm 1m
24˚ Lens 24˚ x 18˚ 17mm 15cm
42˚ Lens 42˚ x 32˚ 10mm 15cm
2x Macro Lens 15˚ x 11˚ 17.5mm 2cm

FLIR Lenses - Other Specifications

Package Contents Lens, lens case, front lens cap, rear lens cap, and mounting instructions
Dimensions 46mm x 72mm
Weight 190 grams
Part Numbers T199588 (14 degree lens), T199589 (24 degree lens), T199590 (42 degree lens), T300238 (2x macro lens); 845188004422, 845188002688, 845188002671, 845188021481 (barcodes)
Warranty 2 Years

Are these the latest 'AutoCal' auto-calibrating FLIR lenses?

Yes. All of the FLIR thermal cameras mentioned at the top of this page are compatible with these user-changeable AutoCal lenses.

With these lenses, your FLIR thermal camera automatically recognizes when a new lens is attached, launches a wizard, and begins auto-calibrating the camera
with the lens. Unlike the 'good old days' - there is no need to send the camera in for a service to complete this task.

AutoCal ensures the camera always produces high-quality images and precise thermal measurements.

Which FLIR thermal cameras do you sell?

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