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Philips GreenUp LED High Bay 160W


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The Philips GreenUp LED Highbay is a highly efficient and reliable LED highbay providing quality lighting for industrial and other high ceiling facilities. Designed for both new projects and retrofit, it features good colour rendering and low glare ratings (CRI 85 and UGR 17).

We offer two 160W GreenUp models:

BY550P LED200 - No Sensors

Fast to commission, high brightness, energy efficient LED replacement.

Philips BY550P LED200 No Sensor

BY550X LED200 - With Sensors

Active dimming with automated daylight & motion sensing. Also controllable via this IR remote.

Philips BY550X LED200 with Actilume Sensor

Both feature:

  • 20,000 lumens 4000K neutral / cool white colour temperature
  • Massive 70,000 hour rated life
  • 160W of power it can directly replace a 400W metal halide high bay or T5 6x54W to deliver at least 50% energy savings

    Versatile, High Quality LED High Bay

    The Philips GreenUp LED High Bay uses the highest quality components and design features including:

    • Philips Fortimo LED modules and Philips Xitanium LED driver.
    • Unique air convection cooling design to maximise heat dissipation of the LED modules and driver.
    • Low glare (UGR 17) and accurate colour rendition (CRI 85)
    • Wide beam angle for a variety of general lighting applications.
    • Lightweight (6.3kg) and streamlined (max 77mm thickness) design for easy handling and installation.

    Philips LED Profile
    Side profile view of Philips GreenUp LED High Bay (77mm at thickest point)

    Key Model Differences:

    90° beam
    70° beam
    DALI control or fixed use Wireless - Integrated G2 Actilume to provide connected lighting with daylight sensing, occupancy sensor, and ZigBee wireless communication. Optional remote sold separately allows programming and control from the ground without 3rd party equipment & setup.
    70,000 hour rating Lifespan can be extended from 70,000 hours up to 100,000 hours if average dimming down is 30%

    LED High Bay Applications

    The GreenUp LED High Bay can be used to replace existing light fittings or specified as your preferred lighting choice in new buildings. 

    It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to:

    • Farm Equipment Sheds & Barns
    • Workshops & Factories
    • Large-format Retail Shops & Showrooms
    • Council Depots
    • Truck Storage, Bus Depot, Tram & Train Sheds, Aircraft Hangars, etc
    • Warehouses & Distribution Centres
    • Other high ceiling height applications

    Please Note: the GreenUp LED Highbay is not suitable for particularly high-moisture or high-impact applications. In these situations we recommend the Philips GreenPerform LED Highbay which has a higher IP rating (protection against dust and moisture ingress) as well as a higher IK rating (protection from physical impact).

    Brighter Than a 400W Metal Halide High Bay

    The following table shows exactly how the Philips GreenUp LED High Bay achieves higher usable light output than a conventional high bay light, while using over 60% less energy.

    Comparison MH HighbayConventional High Bay 400W GreenUp High BayPhilips GreenUp LED High Bay 160W
    Lamp Wattage 400 W 160 W
    System Consumption 440 W 160 W
    Initial Lumen Output 32,500 lm 20,000 lm
    Lumen Maintenance (at 10,000 hours)* 70% 95%
    Light Output Ratio (LOR)** 60% 100%
    Actual Usable Light Output 32,500 lm x 70% x 60%
    = 13,650 lumens
    20,000 lm x 95% x 100%
    = 19,000 lumens

    Lumen Maintenance compares the amount of light produced by a light fitting when it is brand new to the amount of light produced at a specific time in the future. Unlike LED, traditional hi bay lights have particularly poor lumen maintenance (and it gets much worse as time goes on).

    ** Light Output Ratio is a figure that indicates how much light gets lost inside the light fitting and surrounds. As LED's are highly directional they do not suffer from a poor light output ratio like older lighting technology.

    Specifications - Philips GreenUp LED High Bay

    Power Consumption 160W
    Lifetime 70,000 hours
    Colour Temperature 4000K (Neutral / Cool White)
    Beam Angle 90˚ wide beam (BY550P), 70˚ narrow beam (BY550X)
    Light Output 20,000 lumens
    Efficacy  125 lumens/watt
    Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 85
    Dimmable Yes - DALI dimmable for BY550P, multiple dimming control options for BY550X
    Dimensions 720mm (length) x 380mm (width) x 77mm (height)
    Weight 6.3kg
    IP Rating IP20
    Installation Comes with clips and cables for typical suspended installation
    Product Identifiers BY550P LED200/NW PSD WB, BY550X LED200/NW ACW2 IS NB (Product IDs); 911401525121, 911401537221 (Philips 12NC); 108125487, 108733339 (Barcodes)
    Further Documentation Philips GreenUp LED High Bay - BY550P Datasheet, BY550X Datasheet, Presentation (2.2MB), Mounting Instructions (241kb), IES files BY550P & BY550X

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What other options are available?

    If you are after a lower wattage or higher IP rating (waterproof) please see the Philips GreenPerform 120W High Bay that we also stock.

    Does the GreenUp highbay have connected lighting or intelligent control features?

    The BY550X model has integrated Actilume wireless control. Select it if you would like integrated wireless control, motion sensing & daylight sensing features. If you do not require these features, consider the BY550P model.

    How can the GreenUp BY550X be controlled?

    You can purchase a stand-alone wireless remote here or connect with your own control hardware on the ZigBee protocol.

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