Philips GreenUp Actilume LED High Bay 160W


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Smarter LED Highbay Lighting Delivers Automatic Savings

Warehouse lighting can be power intensive and expensive to run. But old 400W metal halide or fluorescent tubes can now be upgraded to LED highbays for large savings. Philips GreenUp LED Highbay takes savings further with integrated Actilume Wireless Controller. The Actilume system automatically reduces light output based on daylight and motion sensors. This saves power while provides consistent light levels throughout the workday. And if an area is unoccupied the motion sensor will dim the light for further savings. It's features include: 

  • 20,000 lumens light output
  • 160W of power (directly replace a 400W metal halide high bay or T5 6x54W)
  • Massive 70,000 hour rated life
  • Active dimming with automated daylight & motion sensing.
  • Optionally wireless control via this IR remote 

How Philips Actilume Works

Each GreenUp Actilume highbay's sensors allow it to cleverly save power right out of the box. Whether you're installing 1 or 100, each unit will respond to the daylight and any motion below it.

Philips BY550X LED200 with Actilume Sensor

For more control, the Actilume equipped highbays can be used with an optional remote. The remote enables commissioning and control of highbays wirelessly. They can be switched, dimmed, grouped into zones, adjusted and calibrated with it. See further details in the commissioning guide.

    LED High Bay Applications

    The GreenUp LED High Bay can be used to replace existing light fittings. Or specify it as your preferred lighting choice in new buildings. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

    • Farm Equipment Sheds & Barns
    • Workshops & Factories
    • Large-format Retail Shops & Showrooms
    • Council Depots
    • Truck Storage, Bus Depot, Tram & Train Sheds, Aircraft Hangars, etc
    • Warehouses & Distribution Centres
    • Other high ceiling height applications

    Please Note: The GreenUp LED Highbay is not designed for high moisture or high impact environments. In these situations we recommend the Philips GreenPerform LED Highbay. It has a higher IP rating (protection against dust and moisture ingress) as well as a higher IK rating (protection from physical impact).

    Brighter Than a 400W Metal Halide High Bay

    The table below shows exactly how the Philips GreenUp LED High Bay compares. It achieves higher usable light output than a conventional high bay light while using over 60% less energy at full brightness.

    Comparison MH HighbayConventional High Bay 400W GreenUp High BayPhilips GreenUp LED High Bay 160W
    Lamp Wattage 400 W 160 W
    System Consumption 440 W 160 W
    Initial Lumen Output 32,500 lm 20,000 lm
    Lumen Maintenance (at 10,000 hours)* 70% 95%
    Light Output Ratio (LOR)** 60% 100%
    Actual Usable Light Output 32,500 lm x 70% x 60%
    = 13,650 lumens
    20,000 lm x 95% x 100%
    = 19,000 lumens

    Lumen Maintenance compares the amount of light produced by a light fitting when it is brand new to the amount of light produced at a specific time in the future. Unlike LED, traditional hi bay lights have particularly poor lumen maintenance (and it gets much worse as time goes on).

    ** Light Output Ratio is a figure that indicates how much light gets lost inside the light fitting and surrounds. As LED's are highly directional they do not suffer from a poor light output ratio like older lighting technology.

    Philips LED Profile

    Side profile view of Philips GreenUp LED High Bay (77mm at thickest point)

    Specifications - Philips GreenUp LED High Bay

    Power Consumption 160W
    Lifetime 70,000 hours
    Colour Temperature 4000K (Neutral / Cool White)
    Beam Angle 70˚ beam
    Light Output 20,000 lumens
    Efficacy  125 lumens/watt
    Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 85
    Dimmable Yes - multiple options:
    - Automatically via motion & daylight sensors.
    - Manually via Optional Remote.
    - Via other Philips Actilume Wireless DALI gen2 components.
    Dimensions 720mm (length) x 380mm (width) x 77mm (height)
    Weight 6.3kg
    IP Rating IP20
    Installation - Comes with clips and cables for typical suspended installation. 
    - Installation should be completed by an electrician. Comes pre-wired with 600mm 3-core lead.
    - Plugging into a power point? Add a 3 pin plug with lead.
    Product Identifiers BY550X LED200/NW ACW2 IS NB (Product ID); 911401537221 (Philips 12NC); 108733339 (Barcode)
    Further Documentation Philips GreenUp LED High Bay - BY550X Datasheet (PDF)
    Presentation (PDF)
    Mounting Instructions (PDF)
    Lighting Design File (IES)
    Commissioning Guide using IR9090 remote (PDF)
    Full Actilume Wireless Application Guide (PDF)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What other options are available?

    If you are after a basic highbay or one with higher IP rating (waterproof) please see the Philips GreenPerform 120W High Bay that we also stock.

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