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An LED High Bay With Maximum Flexibility

The Philips SmartBright LED high bay is configurable to various lighting requirements. It has switches on the side to control brightness and colour temperature, plus an optional sensor and remote control. Its features include:

  • Selectable wattage (100W, 150W, or 200W).
  • Selectable colour temperature (4000K, 4500K, or 5000K).
  • IP65 waterproof and IK08 impact resistant.
  • Long 50,000-hour rated lifetime and 5-year warranty.
  • Pre-wired with a regular power plug, 1.8m lead, and mounting hook.
  • Optional occupancy sensor and remote control available.

Set Your Preferred Brightness & Colour Temperature

This Philips high bay has two easy-to-access switches to set the wattage and colour temperature.

The first switch controls the wattage and brightness (specified in 'lumens'). You can change the wattage from 100W (15,500lm) to 150W (21,000lm) or 200W (28,000lm).

The second switch controls the colour temperature between 'neutral white' and 'cool white'. This feature makes it easy to match up with your existing lights or to tune the lighting to your needs.

Philips LED High Bay Selectable Colour Temperature -  4000K, 4500K or 5000K

Easily optimise power usage, and pick your preferred colour temperature.

Expand Functionality With a Sensor & Remote

You can save energy by adding an occupancy sensor that screws into the front of the high bay. It will automatically dim the high bay to 30% brightness when no one is around.

For fine-grain control, you can add this optional commissioning remote. The remote unlocks the ability to enable daylight harvesting and other functions.

Philips BY240P High Bay Accessories - Sensor and Remote

Note: One sensor per light is needed to respond to movement or light levels. However, one remote can program any number of individual lights.

Philips Smartbright LED High Bay Mounting Options

LED High Bay Hook

The Philips high bay includes a mounting hook as standard. This suits the vast majority of installations in factories, warehouses and sheds. Use the hook to secure the LED High Bay to your existing mounting points or chains.


LED High Bay Bracket

You can also add a mounting bracket for this Philips LED high bay. These are ideal if you want to adjust the angle of the lights. They're also the best option for indoor sports complexes, halls, or other areas where the lights must stay fixed when knocked.

Specifications - Philips Lumen & Colour Select LED High Bay Light

Power Usage 100W / 150W / 200W
Colour Temperature 4000K (Neutral White), 4500K, or 5000K (Cool White / Daylight)
Light Output 15,500lm (100W) / 21,000lm (150W) / 28,000lm (200W)
50,000 hours
Beam Angle 110˚
Dimmable Yes, automated dimming when the sensor is installed. Or manual dimming via included 1-10V dimming output (with your own 1-10V dimming control hardware).
Protection IP65 outdoor rated, IK08 impact resistance.
Dimensions 143mm (height) x 380mm (diameter)
Weight 3 kg
Installation Comes pre-wired with a 1.8 metre lead and 3-pin power plug for easy installation.
Aluminium housing, polycarbonate cover.
Product Identifiers Signify Philips SmartBright Lumen CCT Select Highbay BY240P 200W_100W/840_850/WB PSR UNV SAA (Description); 911401891882 (Product Code); 8719514545885 (Barcode).
Further Details Brochure (PDF), Datasheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF).
Warranty 5 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are available with this high bay?

  • Bracket - use this if the included mounting hook is unsuitable for your site.
  • Sensor - add this to maximise your energy savings.
  • Remote - add this for maximum control and customisation (requires the above sensor installed on each light).

What other high bay lighting options do you have?

Please see our complete range of high bay lights.

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Philips SmartBright LED High Bay - Lumen & Colour Select

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