Philips GreenPerform Gen3 LED High Bay 120W


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The GreenPerform Gen3 LED High Bay is Philips' premium high bay lighting solution.

  • 70% energy savings compared to 400W Metal Halide high bays.
  • IP65 waterproof / outdoor rated protection.
  • Long 50,000 hour system lifetime.
  • Comes with power cord and mounting hook.
  • Turns on instantly, compared to the slow warm-up of HID lamps.

3rd Generation Philips LED High Bay for Maximum Efficiency

This is the latest / third generation GreenPerform LED Highbay from Philips.

This 120W model puts out the same amount of light (16,000 lumens) as the previous 160W model. Don't be mislead by the wattage of old stock or competitors! This 120W high bay is brighter than most other 150W(+) highbays on the market.

Philips Heat Sink Design

The Philips LED High Bay has superior heat sink design to maximise efficiency and longevity of the fitting.

Gen2 vs Gen3 LED Highbay

Not only is it energy efficient, it's also less bulky and easier to handle.

Philips LED High Bay - Mounting Options

The Green Perform High Bay kit includes a mounting hook as standard. This is suitable for the vast majority of factory and warehouse applications.

As an optional extra, you can also purchase a mounting bracket. These are ideal if you want to angle the lights in a certain direction. The mounting brackets are also a good option for indoor sports complexes or other locations where the lights need to stay fixed in place, even when knocked.

LED High Bay Mounting Options

The Philips GreenPerform Highbay can be mounted with a hook (supplied), bracket (optional extra), or pipe (not supplied by Philips - self fabrication).

Are you located in NSW or Victoria? Are you interested in 10+ high bays? You may be eligible for government rebates on this product for existing buildings only.

Specifications - Philips GreenPerform Gen3 LED Highbay

Power Consumption 120W
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K (neutral white)
Beam Angle Wide Beam (100˚)
Light Output 133 lumens/watt
Dimmable No
Dimensions 105mm (height) x 417mm (diameter)
Weight 4.2kgs
Installation Comes pre-wired with IP65 (waterproof) connector and mounted hook included
Product Identifiers BY698P LED160 (Product ID); 911401845899 (Philips 12NC Order Code)
Further Documentation Philips GreenPerform Gen3 LED Highbay
- Spec Sheet (PDF),
- Installation Instructions (PDF),
IES file (used by lighting designers),
- Lighting characteristics including polar intensity diagram and quantity estimation (PNG).


Frequently Asked Questions

What other options are available?

We have chosen to stock the most widely used, and universally applicable, Philips LED High Bay upgrade option.

We can order in other options if you happen to have a niche requirement such as:

  • Specific need for higher or lower wattage.
  • Narrow beam (2 x 30˚), Wide beam (2 x 45˚), or Extreme Narrow beam (2 x 15˚) - for very high ceilings above 15m.
  • Dimmable / DALI or PIR Motion Sensor applications.

Please note the part numbers and list prices below. For an exact quote and lead time (which can be up to 3 months) please contact us. Be sure to include the Philips part number that you require.

Philips Part Number Description Detail - GreenPerform Highbay G3 List Price ex GST
911401846699 BY698P LED110/NW PSU WB 85W, 11000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Wide Beam $348.60
911401846499 BY698P LED110/NW PSU NB 85W, 11000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Narrow Beam $348.60
911401845899 BY698P LED160/NW PSU WB 120W, 16000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Wide Beam This item
911401845699 BY698P LED160/NW PSU NB 120W, 16000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Narrow Beam $446.60
911401845099 BY698P LED200/NW PSU WB 155W, 20000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Wide Beam $502.60
911401844899 BY698P LED200/NW PSU NB 155W, 20000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Narrow Beam $502.60
911401864799 BY698P LED300/NW PSU ENB 225W, 29000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Exteme Narrow Beam $726.60
911401864999 BY698P LED300/NW PSU NB 225W, 29000lm, 4000K, Fixed Output, Narrow Beam $726.60
911401847099 BY698P LED110/NW PSD WB 85W, 10000lm, 4000K, DALI, Wide Beam $446.60
911401846899 BY698P LED110/NW PSD NB 85W, 10000lm, 4000K, DALI, Narrow Beam $446.60
911401846299 BY698P LED160/NW PSD WB 120W, 16000lm, 4000K, DALI, Wide Beam $544.60
911401846099 BY698P LED160/NW PSD NB 120W, 16000lm, 4000K, DALI, Narrow Beam $544.60
911401845499 BY698P LED200/NW PSD WB 155W, 20000lm, 4000K, DALI, Wide Beam $600.60
911401845299 BY698P LED200/NW PSD NB 155W, 20000lm, 4000K, DALI, Narrow Beam $600.60
911401865199 BY698P LED300/NW PSD ENB 225W, 29000lm, 4000K, DALI, Exteme Narrow Beam $824.60
911401865399 BY698P LED300/NW PSD NB 225W, 29000lm, 4000K, DALI, Narrow Beam $824.60
911401867499 BY698X LED110/NW PIR WB 85W, 10000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Wide Beam $516.60
911401867299 BY698X LED110/NW PIR NB 85W, 10000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Narrow Beam $516.60
911401867099 BY698X LED160/NW PIR WB 120W, 16000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Wide Beam $614.60
911401866899 BY698X LED160/NW PIR NB 120W, 16000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Narrow Beam $614.60
911401866699 BY698X LED200/NW PIR WB 155W, 20000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Wide Beam $670.60
911401866499 BY698X LED200/NW PIR NB 155W, 20000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Narrow Beam $670.60
911401866299 BY698X LED300/NW PIR NB 225W, 29000lm, 4000K, PIR sensor, Narrow Beam $894.60



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