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The Efergy Engage Hub for Solar is suitable for single or three phase properties with solar PV panels installed. It allows you to:

  • Track your energy usage and solar power production from your smart phone, tablet or computer - even when you are away from home.
  • View (and download) detailed historical data.
  • Display data from up to five efergy transmitters. Two transmitters are already included as standard with this solar package.
  • Change your energy usage habits to make the most of your solar power production.
  • Identify faults with you solar panels, and avoid costly downtime.
  • Connects via ethernet cable to your modem or router's internet connection.

Don't have Solar Panels? See the regular Efergy Engage Hub Kit.

Efergy Engage Hub for Solar - How it Works

The Efergy Engage Hub kit includes the following key components:

  1. The Hub - A small wireless gateway that plugs into your existing internet router.
  2. Two Transmitters - These go inside your meter box and are battery powered (3 x AA batteries each).
  3. CT Sensor Clamps - These plug into the transmitters and measure the power usage. We'll send you the required number of clamps depending on the model you choose (see drop down menu at top of page).
  4. Free Software & Apps - Free access to the efergy engage online dashboard as well as apps for iPhone, Android and iPad.

Solar Energy Monitor - Online Dashboard

The online dashboard is easy to use, and includes the following key features:

  • Real Time Usage & Production Icon - updates every six seconds and changes colour from blue (low usage), to orange (medium usage), to red (high usage).
  • Budget - for simple energy cost tracking. Note: this widget currently only accommodates one electricity tariff, but may be updated in the future.
  • Energy Demand - shows a detailed daily load profile (chart) or your usage, as well as solar power production. You can scroll back in time to see previous days in detail.
  • History Usage - shows historical power consumption and solar generation over hours, days, weeks, or months. Forms a very useful historical data log over time.
  • Report - download monthly data in CSV files, with a data resolution of minutes, hours, or days.

Efergy Engage Hub Solar Energy Monitor Dashboard Screenshot 1     Efergy Engage Hub Solar Energy Monitor Dashboard Screenshot 2

Preview screenshots from the Efergy Engage Hub Online Dashboard with "Consumption" and "Solar" set up (click to enlarge).

Solar Power Monitor - Detailed Installation Guide

It is typically a quick job for an electrician to fit the sensor clamps at your meter board. But they must be informed of the correct installation locations to ensure the readings are correct.

  • Position 1 = Power Consumption Only ("Load Only").
  • Position 2 = Solar Power Production Only.

Wireless energy monitors cannot sense the direction of current flow, only the total amount going through the cable. For this reason, you need to ensure the clamps are installed correctly on 'power consumption only' and 'solar production only' cables.

Single Phase Solar Energy Monitor Installation

Example of a correct single phase house & solar installation. The clamps (shown behind the board) are on the 'load only' side of the main switch and the 'solar only' side of solar supply main switch.

In some cases, a small amount of re-wiring of the switchboard is required to enable the correct installation outcome.

In the following example, the top of the main breaker was used as a junction. This makes it tricky to separately measure solar (first red cable) and usage (all other cables). When this occurs, an electrician can move some junction points to other breakers. This should leave you with just two wires connected to the load side of the main breaker: 'solar only' and 'load only.'

Solar Energy Monitor Installation Example With Modification

Example of an electrical switchboard which required minor modification by an electrician before installation of the sensor clamps. 

Specifications - Wireless Solar Energy Monitor

Voltage Range 110V - 300V AC
Measurement Range 50mA - 70A (12W to 16.8kW). Use large CT for up to 120A per phase.
Transmitter Range Up to 70m (uses 433.5MHz)
Accuracy Typically within ±10% (see test results- use a 'sub meter' if higher accuracy required for metering purposes.
Tariffs One
Three Phase Compatible Yes
Data Download Yes - monthly data in CSV files, with a data resolution of minutes, hours, or days.
Key Measurements Real time usage, cost, energy demand, historical usage. See sample screenshots above.
Power Supply The Hub is powered by an AU/NZ power plug (supplied) & Transmitters use 3 x AA batteries (not included).
Dimensions - Hub: 80 x 85 x 25mm
- Transmitter: 107 x 63 x 31mm (plus 3 short leads for the clamps)
- Clamp: 42 x 27 x 27mm (10mm internal diameter) plus 1m lead. See also large clamp.
Weight - Hub: 61g (excluding cables)
- Transmitter: 140g (with batteries)
- Clamp: 55g
Product Identifiers Efergy Engage Hub Kit with Additional Transmitter & Clamp(s)
Further Documentation Efergy Engage Hub for Solar Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What items will I receive with my order?

Model Items Included
1 Phase House & Solar 1 x Engage Hub (including ethernet cable & power adapter)
2 x Waterproof Transmitters
2 x CT Sensor Clamps
3 Phase House & 1 Phase Solar
1 x Engage Hub (including ethernet cable & power adapter)
2 x Waterproof Transmitters
4 x CT Sensor Clamps
3 Phase House & Solar
1 x Engage Hub (including ethernet cable & power adapter)
2 x Waterproof Transmitters
6 x CT Sensor Clamps

How can I tell if I have Single Phase or Three Phase?

At your electricity meter board, take a look at both the 'Main Switch' and 'Solar Main Switch'. Using the image below as a guide you should be able to see which type you have for House (Main Switch) and Solar (Solar Main Switch).

Main Switch

Single phase (single pole) main switch on left vs. three phase (three pole) main switch on right. Still confused? See our images section at the top of this page (final image).

How much data does it store?

Data storage is currently unlimited. As long as you keep it running, it will keep logging your energy data.

How much does the software cost?

The software and apps are free. All you need to pay for is the hardware (plus installation, if required). The cost for the manufacturer to develop and maintain the software is built into the price of the hardware.

Can I see the usage from each individual phase (3 phase version)?

No - Each transmitter sums up its total usage and reports this as one channel of data. So whether you buy the single phase (1 clamp) or 3 phase (3 clamps) version, you will still get one (total) reading from each transmitter.

Can extra transmitters be linked to the Engage platform?

Yes - A total of 5 transmitters can be linked to each hub. You can buy extra transmitter here.

Does it work on any internet connection?

The system works with the vast majority of internet routers and modems. It simply plugs into the back of your modem / router with a short network cable (supplied).  However:

  • It does not currently work on NBN Satellite connections due to their high latency.
  • It may not work well with 3G/4G mobile broadband connections due to the potential for poor connection stability

Can the Hub store data with no internet connection?

Yes - the latest Efergy Hub (this item) can store data for 2 to 7 days. Data storage varies depending on how many transmitters are communicating with the hub. This means you will have reliable data, even if you have an unreliable internet connection!

How detailed is the usage / solar information?

The graphs are very detailed, with the main 'Energy Demand' graph showing usage or production at a minute-to-minute level. You can even scroll backwards through time to view data from previous days. Using the 'History Usage' chart you can also scroll back and see cumulative totals by hour, day, month and year. See the sample screenshots in the images section.

Can I have a display screen to show my usage, in addition to the online login?

Yes - The transmitters and other components in the Efergy range are all cross compatible with each other. A popular set-up for households with solar power uses:

  • 1 x Efergy Elite - to track and display household usage on a display screen.
  • 1 x Efergy Engage Hub - to track both household usage and solar power production on the online login.

In other words, if you want a portable display screen to show your consumption, you could order the above two items instead of the solar package (this page).

Where can I find more information on advanced tips and troubleshooting advice?

    We've compiled information here for advanced tips and troubleshooting on topics including:

    • Connecting the Engage data to other services like PVOutput.org.
    • Adjusting the transmitter data rate.
    • Re-pairing the display and transmitter together.
    • Improving wireless stability between transmitter & receiver.

    What other products are available?

    Please see our complete range of wireless energy monitors.

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