LANX Electricity Sub Meter - 3 Phase, 100A

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This electricity sub meter provides an easy way to track electricity use of three phase sites or loads consuming up to 100A of power per phase.

Just like our single phase 45A and 80A sub meters it can be DIN rail mounted and includes a back-lit LCD display screen.

Keep track of three phase circuits with applications including:

  • Workshops, warehouses, farms or rural properties
  • Cooling equipment such as cool rooms, freezer rooms, large air conditioning systems
  • Electricity intensive heating equipment: ovens, dryers, boilers or other industrial and process equipment.
  • Three phase electric vehicle / electric car charger monitoring.

The display screen shows total (cumulative) usage in kWh. It is designed to be installed at your electricity switch board or meter board.

3 Phase kWh Sub Meter - Specifications

Nominal Voltage 230V / 400V AC (3 phase)
Operational Voltage 161-279V / 300-520V AC (3~)
Current 100A maximum per phase
Accuracy Class 1 (± 1% accuracy)
International Standard IEC 62053-21
Frequency 50Hz
Display Reading kilowatt-hours (kWh)
Max Reading 999,999.99 kWh, non-resettable
Display Type LCD with backlight
LED Pulse Output 400 impulses per kWh
Internal Power Use <2W / 10VA per phase
Data Storage
20 years without power
Operating Temperature -25°C to 55° Celsius
Protection IP51 enclosure. AC voltage withstand 2KV for 1 minute, impulse voltage withstand 6KV for 1.2µS.
Cable Size Up to 50mm² (8mm diameter)
Dimensions 110mm high x 70mm wide x 64.5mm deep.
(90.5mm tall with covers removed)
Weight 335 grams
Installation Must be completed by an electrician.
Standard DIN RAIL mount, four slots wide.
Further Details
Brochure (PDF) Wiring Diagram (JPG)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it store data in a blackout or power outage?

Yes - data will remain stored for up to 20 years without power.

Is the display backlit?

Yes - it has an always on green blacklight, allowing you to note readings at night or in low light.

Can I use it with a wireless energy monitor?

Yes - the PowerPal Smart Meter App can be paired with this sub meter. This allows you to track your usage in more detail. The impulse setting for this meter is 400imp/kWh.

Customer Reviews

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Nick F.
3 phase sub meter

working well , currently pair with a power pal

germano moscarda
very good

very good, delivery also good

Slobodan K.
Great product and is working

Great product and is working well!

Watt & Parsons Engineering C2220100
Very good service

Very good service

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