LANX Electricity Sub Meter - Single Phase, 45A

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Track Individual Circuit Electricity Usage

This 45 Amp electricity sub-meter is ideal for use in locations where you would like to know how much electricity is used by individual single-phase circuits, such as:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Pool or spa circuits
  • Refrigeration coolrooms
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Lighting circuits
  • Granny flats, caravans, cabins, workshops, and more*

* For any situation that involves on-billing a tenant or sub-tenant, we recommend our NMI-approved sub-meter.

Easy to Install, Affordable Sub Meter

Gain insights: find out exactly how much electricity a particular power circuit uses. Make informed decisions about energy consumption and reduce your bills.

Easy to use: the clear LCD display shows total cumulative kilowatt hours (kWh), making it simple to track your usage.

Versatile: suitable for various applications, from monitoring a single appliance to tracking the energy usage of an entire granny flat (within the 45A current rating).

Reliable: dependable readings with class 1.0 accuracy (± 1%) and safe data storage, even after a prolonged blackout or disconnection.

Simple installation: standard DIN rail mount for easy integration into your existing switchboard (installation by an electrician is required).

This is our smallest sub-meter. For larger circuits or sites, choose a higher amp option. See our complete range of electricity sub-meters.

Specifications - 45A kWh Sub Meter

Input Power 240V AC (±20%), 50-60Hz
Current 45A Maximum
Accuracy Class 1.0 (±1% accuracy)
Display Reading kilowatt-hours (kWh), up to 99,999.99 kWh, non-resettable
Display Type LCD with backlight
LED Pulse Output 2000 impulses per kWh
Power Usage <2W
Data Storage Up to 10 years without power
Operating Temperature -30°C to 50°C
Cable Size Up to 16mm² (4.5mm diameter)
Dimensions 112.5mm high x 18mm wide x 63.5mm deep.
(90mm tall with covers removed)
Weight 73 grams
Installation Installation by an electrician. Standard DIN RAIL mount, one slot wide.
Product Identifiers Lanx Australis Din Rail Single Phase 240V 45A Kilowatt Hour Meter; LXEM145
Further Details
Brochure (PDF), Manual (PDF) and Wiring Diagram (JPG)
Warranty 2 Years - only from Reduction Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it store data in a blackout or power outage?

Yes - data will remain stored for up to 10 years without power.

Is the display backlit?

Yes - it has a bright, always-on, green blacklight. This allows you to take note of readings at night or in low light.

Can I use it with a wireless energy monitor?

Yes - the PowerPal can be paired with this sub meter. This allows you to have a separate display away from the switchboard. The impulse setting for this meter is 2000imp/kWh.

What other options do you sell?

See our complete range of electricity kWh sub meters for higher-capacity and 3-phase options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Aussie Kanck
Useful with a grid inverter?

I had checked with the LANX manufacturer if I could connect this kWh meter to a grid connected micro-inverter but they have not responded to my email, so I have not tried to use this yet. The technical aspect is that the inverter checks for 240V before syncing with the grid and I am not sure if 240V will be present on the inverter side of the kWh meter. If not then the inverter may not start up.

Rebecca George

LANX Electricity Sub Meter - Single Phase, 45A

Great product, efficient service

This is an excellent solution to my submetering problem. Cheap, compact and well designed

John Wood
LANX Electricity Sub Meter - Single Phase, 45A

Great for metering granny flats attached to main house supply.

Gulzar Ali

Great service

Nigel Golledge

Electrician found it easy to fit, simple and works good. Aussie made!

Sharron morgan

Single Phase Electricity Sub Meter (45 Amp)

Mark Lecky

Single Phase Electricity Sub Meter (45 Amp)

Bruce R.
Energy metering at the Sub-meter level

This product was easily installed and worked as described. It was cheap by comparison to other energy meters and met the required data.

Christine W.
Just what we needed

Just what we needed

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