MATelec NMI Approved Sub Meter - Single Phase, 100A

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Best Kilowatt-Hour Meter for Submetering 

This compact and feature-rich 100 Amp NMI Approved electricity sub meter from MATelec Australia is the best choice for most users. Standout features include:

NMI Approved This meter can be used to split up energy bill costs or to charge a tenant sub-letting, sub-leasing, share-housing, etc.

More than just a kWh meter In addition to measuring electricity use, it also displays instantaneous power, voltage, current and more.

Handles High Power Measures up to 100A (24kW) but requires only one 18mm wide slot in a DIN rail sub-board.

Fits Big Power Cables Unique design measures current through the active cable only. The active terminals easily fit 25mm² cable (8mm conductor diameter). A much smaller connection to Neutral allows for voltage sensing and internal power.

MATelec 100A Single Phase Submeter installed in a Subboard

MATelec 100A Single Phase Submeter installed in a Subboard

Why submeter?

Submeters allow a proportion of electricity use to be tracked without a seperate electricity bill and utility meter. This sub-meter is ideal for use in locations where you would like to accurately meter single phase circuits such as:

  • Granny flat
  • Workshop
  • Commercial office sub-tenancy
  • Accommodation cabins
  • Caravan park powered sites
  • Boating marina shore power circuits
  • Electric vehicle / electric car charger monitoring

Not planning to split electricity costs or bill anyone? If an NMI Approved meter is not required for your application, see our full range of DIN rail sub meters.

MATelec 100 Amp Single Pole NMI kWh Sub Meter - Specifications

Voltage 240V AC (207-253V range)
Current 100A maximum
Accuracy Class 1.0 (± 1% accuracy)
NMI Approved Meter Yes. NMI 14/2/100
International Standard IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21
Frequency 50-60Hz
Display Reading Cumulative electricity use in kilowatt-hours (kWh), Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA) & Power Factor (PF).
Max Reading 99,999.9 kWh, non-resettable
Display Type LCD with backlight
LED Pulse Output 1000 impulses per kWh
Internal Power Use <0.4W
Energy (kWh) readings are permanently stored, even without power.
Operating Temperature -10°C to 65° Celsius
Protection Rating IP51
Solar Compatibility No. This meter measures electricity consumption only.
Cable size Active (L) input/output: 25mm² cable (8mm conductor diameter).

Neutral: 2.5mm² cable (only for voltage sensing and supplying power to the meter).
Dimensions 90mm high x 17.8mm wide x 72mm deep.
95.3mm tall with terminal covers installed.
Material ABS fire resistant case, polycarbonate face.
Weight 100 grams
Installation Must be completed by an electrician.
Standard DIN RAIL mount, one 18mm slot wide.
Product Identifiers MATelec Single Phase 100A NMI Din Rail Mount KWH Meter (product title); FKW-15110/NMI (SKU); 9338999002455 (barcode).
Further Details
Brochure (PDF), Quick Start Guide (PDF), Full Manual (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NMI Approved sub meter?

NMI is the Australian National Measurement Institute. A NMI Approved sub meter, like the MATelec FKW-15110/NMI, must be tested by an Utility Meter Verifier and Hold pattern approval, a verification mark (or certificate of verification).

Sub meters must be NMI approved if anyone will use the measurement to determine the amount to pay for a transaction, even proportionally. If an NMI Approved meter is not required for your application, see our other DIN rail sub meters.

How to divide up a bill using the MATelec 100A Single Pole kWh Meter?

Submeters count the electricity use by an electrical circuit in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Like the odometer in a car, it starts from zero, increases with use and is non-resettable.

To determine electricity use over a specific period, write down the value at the start and end. This might cover a month, quarter, year, etc. Subtract the end date reading from the start date reading to determine the electricity used over that period. You can then use this figure to apportion part of a site's electricity bill.

Does it store data in a blackout or power outage?

Yes - energy readings (kWh) are stored in permanent memory, even without power.

Is the display backlit?

Yes - it has a blue blacklight which illuminates when you press the button. This allows you to take note of readings at night or in low light.

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100amp single phase sub meter

Excellent and easy to install by our electrician

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