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Philips Essential SmartBright LED Floodlight


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The Philips Essential SmartBright LED Floodlight is a high quality, water-proof (IP65 rated) flood light which has the following benefits over conventional floodlights:

  • Massive 90% energy saving compared to existing halogen floodlights
  • Available in 30W, 50W, 70W or 100W
  • Durable and effective heat dissipation design for long 30,000 hour lifetime
  • Ideal for car parks, gardens, building and shop signage, security lighting, facade lighting, and more.

LED Floodlight Selection Guide

The exact wattage you require will depend on many factors, such as whether your existing floodlight is metal halide (MH), mercury vapour (MV), or halogen.

You can use the following as a rough guide when replacing existing floodlights:

  • Replace 100-250W with 30W Philips LED floodlight.
  • Replace 250-500W with 50W Philips LED floodlight.
  • Replace 500-750W with 70W Philips LED floodlight.
  • Replace 750W-1,000W with 100W Philips LED flood.

Floodlight Wattage Comparison

High Quality Outdoor LED Floodlight

  • 4KV Surge Protection - it will not fuse during voltage spikes or lightning strikes.
  • RoHS compliant - environmentally-friendly, no hazardous substances used.
  • IK07 classification - high protection against external mechanical impact.
  • IP65 certified - high protection against water jets and rain.
  • Overheating protection - advanced heat dissipation for additional protection against high ambient temperature.
  • Maintenance-free - long lifespan eliminates the need to replace flood light bulbs.
  • Safe & Robust - toughened and shatter-proof lens for enhanced safety, coated pressure die-cast housing for excellent corrosion-resistance.

LED Floodlight Examples

500W Halogen Flood vs. 50W Philips LED Flood

The table below outlines the numerous benefits of switching to the Philips Essential SmartBright LED Floodlights over conventional products

Philips Halolite 500W (or similar) Philips SmartBright LED 50W
LED Flood
Leak-prone design - Clips may have ageing and cracks that cause water leakage Integrated design - means the case never needs to be opened
Short lifetime - Replace halogen bulb every 2,000 hours Long lifetime - no bulb replacements plus 70% light output maintenance to 30,000 hours
Bulky - at least 100mm thick Slimline - main body is 40mm thick
Low efficiency - around 9 lumens/watt (4,500lm) High efficiency - around 85 lumens/watt (4,300lm)
Less robust - IP54 and no IK rating More robust - IP65 (waterproof) and IK07 (mechanical shock) ratings

Specifications - Philips Essential SmartBright LED Floodlight

Power Consumption 30W, 50W, 70W or 100W (see drop-down menu)
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K (neutral white)
Beam Angle 30˚ (vertical) / 80˚ (horizontal)
Light Output 2,600lm (30W), 4,300lm (50W), 6,000lm (70W), 9,000lm (100W)
Dimmable No
Dimensions 30W = 193mm x 143mm x 38mm
50W = 270mm x 202mm x 43mm
70W/100W = 316mm x 234mm x 45mm
Weight 30W = 0.6kg
50W = 1.2kg
70W/100W = 2.0kg
Material Powder coated, pressure die-cast aluminium housing
Installation Installation should be completed by an electrician. Comes pre-wired with 600mm 3-core lead.
Mounting Angles 30W & 50W = 0-180° range
70W & 100W = 0-360° range
Mounting graphic: here
Product Identifiers BVP161 LED26/NW 30W, BVP161 LED43/NW 50W, BVP161 LED60/NW 70W, BVP161 LED90/NW 100W (Product ID); 911401806698, 911401806798, 911401809898, 911401823498 (Product Codes)
Further Documentation - Data Sheet: PDF
- Mounting Instructions: PDF
- IES Files: 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W (these are photometric files used by lighting designers to simulate lighting levels in architectural design software).

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