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Waterproof Motion Sensor for Lights

The CLA Outdoor Motion Sensor is a durable and adjustable wall-mounted motion sensor. It uses a passive infrared (PIR) sensor which means it even works even in complete darkness.

When it detects movement it can switch on a variety of electrical loads. A popular application is for security lights around buildings, above driveways, and so on. You can pair it with an LED floodlight to illuminate dark areas while using power only when actually needed. Key features include:

  • Outdoor Rated - IP66 waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Adjustable Sensor - 'on' time, daylight lux level, and movement sensitivity can all be adjusted.
  • Customise Security Lighting - use it with any LED lights up to 1000 watts total load.
  • Manual Operation - simple override option disables the sensor to keep lighting on when needed. 
  • Dependable - 3 wire design, and a 5 year warranty.

    PIR Sensor - Installation & Adjustment

    This White PIR Motion Sensor can be installed inside or outside at a recommended height of 1.8 to 2.5 meters. From its mounted position, it detects motion up to 12 meters from the sensor across a 120˚ field of view.

    The detection range of the sensor unit.

    Once mounted, the sensor can swivel freely on an articulated arm to point where it's needed. It can adjust side-to-side a full 180° and up-down by 90°. This means it can point straight out from a wall, directly downwards, or completely left or right as needed. Once positioned, tool-less adjusters let you quickly lock in the desired orientation.

    The sensor itself can also be adjusted - both for the time of operation, sensor sensitivity and daylight sensitivity:

    • The "TIME" control is for between 10 seconds and 30 minutes.
    • The "SENS" adjusts how sensitive the sensor is to motion.
    • The "LUX" sensor determines whether the light will still come on during the day, or only after dark.

    All of these settings are user-adjustable on the outside of the unit. So you can still make changes after your electrician has completed the installation.

    Specifications - CLA Outdoor Motion Sensor for Lights White

    Mounting Type
    Surface Mounted
    Connection Type 3 wire terminal block
    Power Consumption 0.5W
    Voltage 220 - 240V AC
    Rated Loads 1000 watts LED
    1000 watts CFL
    2000 watts halogen
    Power On Time Adjustable 10 seconds to 30 minutes.
    Restarts from the last movement detected.
    Sensor Adjustments Time, Sensor Sensitivity, Daylight Sensing (lux level).
    Sensor Operation Two Modes: Sensor Active or Manual Mode (lights stay on when switched on at the wall).
    Detection Angle 120°
    Detection Distance 12 meters
    Protection IP66 outdoor rated, UV resistant
    Dimensions 115mm (height) x 76.4mm (width) x 135mm (depth)
    Footprint on wall: 115mm (height) x 73mm (width)
    Weight 350 grams
    Installation To be completed by an electrician.
    Product Identifiers CLA Lighting SENS007 WHITE, 9326191027710
    Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF)
    Warranty 5 Years

    CLA Outdoor Motion Sensor Dimensions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the sensor be disabled so I can keep my lights on?

    Yes - a manual override is built-in. To disable the sensor & keep your lights on: Switch power off for 3 seconds and then turn back on. To enable the sensor again, switch power off for 10 seconds then switch back on.

    Is it available in another colour?

    Yes - see here for our Black Motion Sensor.

    Looking for another option?

    See our full range of motion sensor lights and floodlights.

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