Osram Tri Colour LED Downlight 8W Dimmable


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A Complete Downlight Replacement For Every Room

The Osram Tri Colour LED Downlight is a complete & integrated dimmable LED light fitting. Old halogen downlights use separate globes, fittings & transformers. Now you can replace all three with a single long-lasting sealed 90mm cut out LED downlight. Simple to install and no bulb to replace, they are effectively maintenance free.

Osram's Tri-Colour technology takes the guesswork out of colour temperature. Pick the best light colour for the room you're installing them in. A switch on the side of the unit lets you select between three colour temperatures: 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Cool White) or 5000K (Daylight). 

Additional features of this LED downlight kit include:

  • Bright & efficient - at just 8 watts it's brighter than a 50W halogen.
  • Long life - 30,000 hour rating.
  • Dimmable - with existing dimmers and new LED dimmers.
  • 92mm body - fits 90mm to 95mm ceiling cut-outs.
  • Easy installation - comes pre-wired with 1.2m power cable and 2-pin plug.
  • IP44 & IC4 rated - suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms, and it can be 'abutted & covered' with ceiling insulation.

It's a complete LED downlight fitting for about the same price as a dimmable MR16 LED downlight globe.

Warm White, Cool White, or Daylight LED Downlight

Three colour temperature options in the one 90mm LED downlight.

LED Downlight Installation & Spacing Guide

The following graphic provides an installation guide for a common household ceiling height of 2.4 metres.

Notice that the light spread at floor level is 4.8m, which is twice the ceiling height. To calculate light spread at the floor of your property, simply double your ceiling height.

To produce adequate lighting levels some overlap is required (as pictured below). It is generally recommended that lights are installed between 1.2m and 3m apart. Close spacing is helpful for 'task lighting' such as above kitchen benchtops. Lights in bedrooms and living areas can be installed further apart.

Example LED Downlight Spacing

Example Osram LED Downlight Beam Angle & Light Spacing.

When replacing existing halogen or MR16 LED downlights it is often easiest to stick with the existing lighting layout. This approach is completely fine in most cases. Keep in mind that these LED downlights are often brighter than old halogens or LED globes. So for maximum energy efficiency you may be able to reduce the total number of lights present when switching to these LED downlights. 

    Specifications - Osram LED Downlight Tri Colour (90mm Cutout)

    Power Consumption 8W (brighter than old 50W halogens)
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Lifetime 30,000 hours
    Colour Temperature Switchable -
    3000K (warm white),
    4000K (neutral / cool white),
    5000K (daylight)
    Beam Angle 90˚
    Light Output 750lm @ 3000K,
    850lm @ 4000K,
    820lm @ 5000K
    Dimmable Yes
    IC Rating IC4 rated - fully cover-able with insulation
    IP Rating IP44 front, IP20 back (suitable for use in bathrooms)
    Dimensions 114mm (width) x 57.5mm (depth) - suitable for 90-95mm cut out
    Housing Material Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
    Weight 230 grams
    Installation Comes pre-wired with 1.2m flex and 2-pin power plug.
    Don't have sockets in your ceiling? See Surface Mount Socket 10 Pack
    Carton Quantity 12 (this listing is for 1 light)
    Product Identifiers LEDVANCE® Superstar Downlight Tri-Colour Switch (Product Name); LED SS D/L WT 8W/TRI 240V KIT 12X1 LEDVO (manufacturer description); LDV-SSDL8W-TRI (model number); 4058075090941 (barcode).
    Further Documentation Spec sheet (PDF)

    Osram LED Downlight Tri-Colour Dimensioned Image

    Dimensions of the Osram LED downlight in millimetres.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the purpose of Osram's Tri-Colour switchable colour temperature?

    In the past, you needed to make a final decision on colour temperature when purchasing LED downlights. This can be challenging since individual people perceive colour in different ways. And the look of light in a given space changes with wall or ceiling colour as well as available natural light.

    With Osram's Tri-Colour LED downlights, you pick the best colour temperature after buying them. Select your preferred colour during installation. And if you change your mind, you can pull the light out and select a different colour temperature anytime.

    Is it available with a silver / chrome finish?

    Yes - order a chrome trim to give this downlight a brushed metal look.

    What other LED downlight options are available? 

    If you don't wish to go for a full fitting upgrade (ie. this product) you might like to consider the MR16 LED 5.5W or MR16 LED 7W retro-fit globes (only suitable for existing MR16 downlight fittings).

    Got larger downlights or ceiling cut-outs? See our 150mm LED Downlight and 200mm LED Downlight. These larger downlights are often found in commercial properties.

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