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The course in Home Sustainability Assessment provides you with the key knowledge and practical skills in the important areas of:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Measuring and monitoring resource consumption
  • Energy, water and waste efficiency
  • Conducting household sustainability assessments

Online Delivery for Individuals - Includes several practical activities so you can complete it at your own pace (total time commitment is about 20 hours).

In-Person Delivery for Organisations - Available Australia-wide for a minimum of 5 participants, delivery is completed over 2 full days. Per-person discounts are available for larger groups.

See Also: Business Energy Auditor Training.

What you receive

  1. Course Manual (PDF) - includes all presentation slides, further resources and links.
  2. Web Login (for online) - to the weekly video lectures and course material, delivered incrementally over six weeks (one topic per week - or you can completed it quicker if preferred).
  3. Personalised Support - via phone and email from a trainer as required.
  4. Certificate of Accomplishment - on course completion.

How is it delivered?

The course in home sustainability assessment is structured into a series of short lectures, quiz questions, assignments and a final knowledge test. For on-line delivery the presentations are pre-recorded so you can complete them at a time that suits you.

To successfully complete this course you will need to spend a total of about 20 hours reviewing the content and working on activities.

Home Sustainability Assessor Course Content

1. Sustainability

  • What does sustainability mean to you?
  • Introduction to sustainability (history, concepts and definitions)
  • Greenhouse gases, global warming and climate change
  • Peak resources and ecological footprints (including calculation methods)

2. Energy Efficiency

  • Energy concepts and definitions, energy sources in Australia
  • Measuring and monitoring energy consumption
  • Typical household energy usage
  • How to read electricity and gas bills and meters
  • Understanding energy consumption and energy efficiency advice for: lighting; heating & cooling; kitchen & laundry; entertainment & office; the garden

3. Passive Solar Design

  • Passive solar heating & cooling (design principles)
  • Passive solar building materials (thermal mass, insulation, etc)

4. Water Efficiency

  • The story of water, water sources in Australian cities
  • Measuring and monitoring water consumption
  • Typical household water consumption in different regions of Australia
  • How to read water bills and meters
  • Water use in the home: facts & figures; water efficiency; greywater

5. Waste to Resource

  • What is waste?
  • Four R’s of waste management
  • Managing household waste including toxic, plastic and e-waste

6. Conducting Household Assessments

  • Assessment & audit process and tips
  • Customer service
  • OH&S for home auditors
  • Guide to auditing tools and equipment

Certificate of Accomplishment

The course does not have any specific pre-requisite knowledge. To be awarded a certificate of accomplishment you will need to achieve:

  • Participation in the quick quiz material at the end of each video.
  • Complete a home energy audit (you will be given access to our energy audit software tool to do this).
  • 75% pass in the final knowledge test (open book).

Who are the trainers?

Online: Marta Lett and Ryan McCarthy.

Is this sustainability course suitable for you or your organisation?

Many industries require people with the knowledge and skills outlined above. In particular, this course is suitable for:

  • Community workers (including council staff) working on environmental or energy efficiency programs;
  • Small businesses and sole traders looking to expand their service offerings in this area;
  • Larger companies looking to focus their commitment to sustainability;
  • Secondary teachers intending to deliver the igreen program or other sustainability education to their students;
  • Construction industry professionals and apprentices looking to better service their existing customers;
  • Interested individuals (owner-builders, home renovators, volunteer or personal interest).

Group bookings

In addition to our online offering this course can be delivered face-to-face at your organisation (see drop-down menu). This option generally requires a minimum of 5 participants and is delivered over 2 full days.

While this course is orientated around ‘home sustainability assessment', the knowledge gained can be applied in different contexts, such as in businesses. See also Business Energy Auditor Training.

Feedback from past participants

"Fantastic, thank you for the opportunity. Great presentations, slides, resources and information. Delivered in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere." 

- John H.

"Was very informative and comprehensive… Lots of resources. Was enjoyable and inspirational. I look forward to implementing."

- Sasha M.

"Thanks to the course, I have just been employed as an installer/assessor! I am continuing learning and researching in the field."

- Paris H.

"I have managed to drop the energy consumption from $1,300 to $597 /Qtr in my brother’s house applying what I learnt and sure I can drop it further…"

- David E.


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