Philips LED Motion Sensor Flood Light 50W

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Bright LED Floodlight With Motion Sensor

The Philips Essential SmartBright 50 Watt LED Flood Light is a motion-activated security light with a high light output. It contains a built-in adjustable passive infrared (PIR) sensor and Lux (light level) sensor. The floodlight switches on automatically when motion is detected, ensuring that your property is well-lit for visibility at night and dusk. Key features include:

  • Bright - 6,000 lumens and 50W power.
  • Outdoor Rated - IP65 waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Adjustable Sensor - 'on' time, daylight lux level, and movement sensitivity can all be adjusted.
  • Manual Operation - simple override option disables the sensor to keep lighting on when needed.
  • Dependable - 50,000-hour rating and 3-year warranty.

Specifications - Philips SmartBright Motion Sensor 50W LED Floodlight

Power Usage 50W (see also 20W)
Voltage 220-240V AC
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K (neutral white)
Light Output 6000 lumens
Light Beam Angle 110° (symmetrical wide beam)
Mounting Type
Three 6.5mm diameter mounting holes on steel bracket.
Connection Type 3-core flex lead (1-metre length).
Power On Time Adjustable 10 seconds to 7 minutes.
Restarts from the last movement detected.
Sensor Type Passive infrared sensor (PIR)
Sensor Detection Angle 160°
Sensor Detection Distance 8 metres
Sensor Override Yes, see FAQ below
Protection IP65 outdoor rated, UV resistant
Dimensions 263mm (height) x 173 (width) x 53mm (depth)
Weight 890 grams
Material Pressure die-cast aluminium housing and steel bracket. Both are powder-coated black.
Installation Installation by an electrician. Comes pre-wired with a 1-metre power cable. Can be hardwired or add a 3 pin plug. The on-time, sensor sensitivity, and daylight sensing (lux level) are user-adjustable after installation.
Mounting Angle 0-360° range of adjustment on mounting bracket.
Product Identifiers Signify Philips SmartBright Floodlight G2 BVP151 BVP151 LED60/NW PSU 50W SWB MDU G2 GM (manufacturer's description); 911401882283 (order code); 8719514544758 (barcode).
Further Details Spec Sheet (PDF) Installation Guide (PDF)
Warranty 3 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the sensor be disabled so I can keep my lights on?

Yes - a manual override is built-in. To disable the sensor, switch the light OFF and ON twice. The light will then stay on. To resume sensor operation, turn the light off for at least ten seconds, then switch it back on.

Has this sensor floodlight been updated recently?

Yes - here are a few of the key improvements of this latest model:

  • Brighter (6,000 lumens vs 4,250 lumens)
  • Longer rated LED life (50,000 hours vs 20,000 hours)
  • Wide sensor detection (160° vs 120°)
  • More flexible mounting bracket (adjusts 360° vs 170°)

Is it available in another size?

Yes - see here for the compact 20W sensor floodlight.

Looking for another option?

See our full range of motion sensor lights and floodlights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Much brighter than expected and works great

The light works very well but making adjustments to the sensor settings can be slow and requires patience. Instructions are poor. Once set up it performs extremely well. The light output is excellent and flood lights a large area. (still need to make a new shed door)

Justin Smith

Excellent quality lights

Ray Nash

Good product

Bikram Chauhan

Philips LED Motion Sensor Flood Light 50W

Jozef M
Disappointing sensor

The motion sensor is only adjustable left, right but not forward, so it is not possible to tilt the light down and tilt the sensor up. For example to light up the driveway you want the light to shine on the driveway and not into the street so you tilt the light to at least 45 degrees or more, this then also moves the sensor back with the light reducing the angle of coverage and will only sense part of the driveway. You should be able to tilt the sensor forward and adjust the coverage

Hi Jozef, You can tilt the sensor up/down by loosening the knob behind the sensor. It's on the side opposite of where the power cable exits. See the images in our product listing for a close-up of the bottom of the sensor, where the knob is visible. Once it's in position, retighten by hand. We've also added a new graphic in the gallery showing the sensor's range of adjustment.

Phillips 50w floodlight w/sensor

Had issue with sensor on installation, warranty was carried out quickly and efficiently. Very bright and sensor adjustability is easy.

Ted Piteo
Awesome service

Awesome service and product

Robert Lye

Philips LED Motion Sensor Flood Light 50W

Dave McAllister

Good product, lighting good, thought the sensor could be a bit larger to cover a bigger area, otherwise happy so far

Thomas Clarkson

Philips LED Motion Sensor Flood Light 50W

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