Philips Coreline GreenPerform LED High Bay 149W


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150W LED High Bay From Philips

The Philips Coreline GreenPerform 149W is a high brightness LED High Bay. It tends to suit higher ceiling applications than our regular Philips LED High Bay 115W. Features include:

  • Newest model with the highest energy efficiency.
  • IP65 waterproof and IK08 impact resistance ratings.
  • Choose between Neutral White (4000K) or Cool White (5000K) colour temperatures (see drop-down menu above).
  • Long 50,000 hour rated lifetime and 5 year warranty.
  • Comes pre-wired with a regular plug, 3m lead, and mounting hook.

150W LED High Bay Light - Mounting Options

LED High Bay HookThe Green Perform High Bay kit includes a mounting hook as standard. This suits the vast majority of installations in factories, warehouses and sheds. Use the hook to secure the LED High Bay to your existing mounting points or chains.

LED High Bay BracketYou can also add a mounting bracket for this 150W LED high bay. These are ideal if you want to adjust the angle of the lights. They're also the best option for indoor sports complexes, halls, or other areas where the lights need to stay fixed in place, even when knocked.


High Brightness 150W LED High Bay

The following table shows how the Philips GreenPerform 149W LED High Bay achieves much brighter usable light output than a conventional high bay light, while using over 60% less energy.

MH Highbay
Conventional / Old High Bay 400W
LED High Bay
Philips LED High Bay 149W
440W Actual Usage 149W Actual Usage
32,500 Lumens (spec) 20,500 Lumens (spec)
70% Lumen Maintenance* 95% Lumen Maintenance*
60% Light Output Ratio** 100% Light Output Ratio**
32,500 lm x 70% x 60%
= 13,650 lumens (actual output)
20,500 lm x 95% x 100%
= 19,475 lumens (actual output)

Lumen Maintenance at 10,000 hours compares the amount of light produced by a light fitting when it is brand new to the amount of light produced at a specific time in the future. Unlike LED, traditional hi bay lights have particularly poor lumen maintenance (and it gets much worse as time goes on).

** Light Output Ratio is a figure that indicates how much light gets lost inside the light fitting and surrounds. As LED's are highly directional they do not suffer from a poor light output ratio like older lighting technology.

Specifications - Philips LED High Bay Light 149W

Power Consumption 149 Watts
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K (Neutral White) or 5000K (Cool White / Daylight)
Beam Angle 90˚
Light Output 20,500lm
Dimmable No
Protection IP65 outdoor rated, IK08 impact resistance.
Dimensions 99mm (height) x 360mm (diameter)
Weight 3.2 kg
Installation Comes pre-wired with a 3 metre lead and 3-pin power plug.
Warranty 5 years
Product Identifiers Philips GreenPerform Gen4 Coreline Highbay IP65 BY698P LED205 840/850 PSU WB CAU G2 CL (Description); 911401518761, 911401519061 (Product Code); 8710163346380, 8710163346410 (Barcode).
Further Documentation 4000K Datasheet (PDF) 5000K Datasheet (PDF) 
Installation Instructions (PDF)
149W 4000K IES File, 149W 5000K IES File (.IES) for lighting designers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call it a "150W LED High Bay" when is only uses 149W?

Most of the industry has standardised around round numbers like 150W and 200W LED High Bays. Philips lighting likes to be as accurate as possible (and we love that) so theirs is called a 149W.  But don't be misled by that small 1W difference: this high bay from Philips is actually brighter than most of its competitors 150W options!

What other high bay lighting options do you have?

Please see our complete range of LED high bay lights.

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