Verbatim 12V LED Transformer (0-50W)


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The Verbatim LED Compatible Electronic Transformer is suitable for a wide range of low voltage (12 volt) lighting applications.

  • Wide compatibility - use with MR16 LED, AR111 LED, or other 12V LED bulbs.
  • Easy to install - includes additional active and neutral looping connectors for wiring up multiple transformers together (as is often needed on lighting circuits).
  • High efficiency - high 0.99 power factor and over 94% efficiency at full load.
  • Compliant - compliant with all relevant safety and wiring standards.

A Better LED Transformer

This Verbatim LED transformer has the following additonal benefits when compared to other options on the market: 

  • Higher power range - 0-50W range means you can power multiple LEDs off the one transformer (where appropriate) or use them with higher power light globes such as AR111 LEDs.
  • Well sized screw terminals (input and output) - easier and more secure to wire up than other options such as push and release (spring loaded) terminals.
  • Separate looping connectors - commonly required on lighting circuits.

    Specifications - 12V LED Transformer

    Input Voltage 220-240V AC (50/60 Hz)
    Max Wattage 50W
    Output Voltage 11.5 V AC
    Max Output Current 4.3 A
    Product Lifetime 30,000 hours
    Ambient Temperature Up to 50°C
    Max Temperature 80˚C
    Dimensions 110mm x 45mm x 25mm
    Weight 80 grams
    Installation Should be installed by a licensed electrician
    Product Identifiers 52901 (order code), 023942529019 (barcode)
    Further Documentation Verbatim LED Transformer Spec Sheet (PDF)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you sell a Philips LED Transformer?

    We previously sold the Philips ET-S 15 LED Driver, but some of our customers found it difficult to install. Unlike this product it did not have looping terminals, and it had somewhat fiddly "spring loaded" terminal connectors.

    As such, we have now discontinued its sale and suggest you try this new Verbatim LED transformer instead. It can be used with our Philips or Verbatim LED lights.

    What other options are available?

    Instead of replacing the transformer you might like to upgrade your whole fitting with this LED Downlight for 90mm cutout.

    Is it always necessary to upgrade the transformer when switching to LED?

    No - most of our MR16 LED bulbs do not require you to upgrade the transformer. It is only necessary to upgrade the transformer when your transformer is known not to work with LED bulbs, or where you want the added efficiency of having an LED-specific transformer installed.

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