LED Filament Bulbs & Pendant Lights

What is an LED Filament Light Bulb?

LED filament light bulbs mimic the look of vintage incandescent globes.

Small LED components are connected in a series of strings inside the LED filament bulb. When lit, these resemble the warm glow of a carbon filament or tungsten filament bulb.

LED filament bulbs have a warm incandescent, almost flame or candle-like glow. This is particularly the case for globes with an 'amber' or 'gold' finish. These globes have a colour temperature as low as warm white 2000K.

Advantages of LED filament bulbs include:

  • Up to 90% energy savings compared to retro filament globes.
  • Longer lamp lifetime.
  • Cool operating temperature.

Decorative Filament Lighting

LED filament bulbs provide an ideal solution for decorative lighting applications. You'll often find them in shops, cafes, clubs, bars and restaurants to create a warm ambience.

Decorative lighting applications often require lights to be dimmable. If you need a dimmable filament light, make sure you choose an option with 'dimmable' in the title.

Decorative LED filament lights include:

Pendant Lighting With Filament Globes

Another popular use for LED carbon filament lamps is in pendant light fittings. Gold or black pendant lights are often used over kitchen islands or dining tables. Pendant lights can also be used as bedside lamps.

Filament bulbs are also known as 'vintage light bulbs' and 'retro light bulbs'.

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