Vornado Heater With Thermostat & Remote Control

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This fan heater is sturdy and well made, creates an even heat across the loungeroom. Most importantly, this is a quiet unit, whereas my Dyson is noisy in comparison. - Andrew Sporle (Verified Buyer)

A Better Quality Fan Heater

The Vornado VMH350 is a high-quality portable electric room heater. It has several unique features that make it a better choice when compared to other electric heaters. These features include:

  • Metal Construction - solid build and cool to touch.
  • Energy Efficient - two heating levels, thermostat controlled, and optional auto-off timers.
  • Ultra Safe - automated overheat protection, automatic cool-down process, and tip-over detection.
  • Easy Storage - includes an integrated power cord storage and carry handle.
  • Button or Remote - control all heater functions from the buttons on the unit or the included remote control.
  • 5 Year Warranty - official Vornado Australia five year replacement warranty is included in our price.

Vornado VMH350

The Vornado VMH350 is a discrete and effective whole room air heater.

Vornado Heater Energy-Saving Features

Here's why we think the Vornado is a sensible heating choice:

2 Heat Settings + Fan Only. The Vornado VMH350 has three operating modes: low heat (750W), high heat (1,500W), and fan only (20W). These appropriate heat settings mean the Vornado heater is up to 65% cheaper to operate than other electric heaters.

Automated Climate Control. The Vornado VMH350 automatically switches on and off to maintain your desired room temperature. You can set the thermostat on the Vornado heater anywhere between 15˚C and 32˚C. For a good balance between efficiency and comfort, we recommend a setting of between 18˚C and 20˚C.

1 to 12 Hour Auto-Off Timer. Electric heaters are often costly to operate because they get left on for too long or left on in unoccupied rooms. The Vornado heater helps prevent energy wastage with an easy-to-set countdown timer.

2 Digital Displays. You can check the current temperature with a glance across your room. The top display shows the current temperature, heat level, and whether the timer is active. The front display shows the temperature and if the timer is active.

Vornado Air Circulation Technology. This Vornado fan heater is noticeably quieter and more effective than others we have tested. In a matter of minutes, it quickly warms the air in a small room like a bedroom, bathroom, or study. In larger areas, like a living room, it gradually adds heat to the room by circulating warm air throughout the space.

Specifications - Vornado Heater VMH350

Power Usage 750W (low), 1500W (high) or 20W (fan only)
Voltage 220-240V AC
Power Plug Australia / New Zealand 3-pin plug with 1.8m power cord
Material Powder-coated steel
Colour Champagne
Thermostat Settable from 15˚C to 32˚C in 1˚C increments
Timer Settable from 1 to 12 hours in 1hr increments
Remote Control Yes (battery included)
Dimensions 30cm (height) x 24cm (depth) x 23cm (width)
Weight 4.4kg
Installation Self-install / portable product with integrated carry handle
Product Identifiers Vornado VMH-350; 043765014448
Safety Features Cool touch surface, finger-friendly grill (small gaps), auto-shutoff, earthed heavy-duty power cord, excess power cord storage tray, auto tip-over protection.
Further Details
Brochure (PDF) & Manual (PDF)
Warranty 5 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What other energy-efficient heaters do you recommend?

This Vornado heater works best when used in conjunction with other effective heaters.

For example, in a study or work area, you can take the chill out of the air with this heater (set to say 18˚C) and then add a foot mat heater under your desk. The combined effect means more comfort at a substantially reduced cost than a conventional electric room heater.

A similar example would be in a living area when used with a heated throw rug. Or in a bedroom when you've also used an electric blanket to pre-heat your bed.

How does this heater save on heating costs compared to other electric heaters?

The above examples, where we are suggesting the use of 'more heaters' may seem counter-intuitive, but here's how it works:

  • The Vornado VMH350 set to a low but sensible temperature may draw an average of 500W (on 'high' cutting in about one-third of the time). If you add to this a heated foot mat using 100W, you have a total power draw of 600W to heat a room.
  • Contrast this with a conventional oil column heater which may draw a reasonably constant 1800W. The power usage is much higher, all the hot air goes straight up, and your feet are probably still cold!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Margaret White
Great little heater!

It really does heat up an average size room fast, and the thermostat enables it to maintain a certain heat efficiently. The fan is not too noisy at all.


The heater looks lovely and it heats well. I am glad to have it.

Excellent quality, good looking unit!

We love this heater! It’s so effective. The build quality is excellent and it is a beautiful looking appliance. Would highly recommend!

Lesley Norman this is

Absolutely thrilled with heater use in my ensuite when that is only room I need to take chill off whilst shower & getting dressed. I have arthritis & need to be warm.💯

michael psegianakis

good heater, good price

Thomas Moughtin

Vornado Heater With Thermostat & Remote Control

Melanee Maisey

I considered this heater/fan for a very long time because of the price. But it had all the features I was looking for.
It heats my small space well. But if you want instant gratification you’ll need to sit in front of it because there’s no oscillation.
The remote is great, it looks great and I would recommend it to the right person.

Vornado Room heater

I have found the heater very good and easy to operate ,very quiet and thermostat operation good.
Delivery was prompt and well packed.


Arrived fast. Is a remarkably quiet machine. Sure, it is not going to outperform a decent fan blown gas heater, but it removed the chill from a room without me even noticing it. Isn't comfort what we are really after? And for the price, I couldn't recommend it enough.

Wendy Lowe

Going well so far. A bit of trouble with a cat wanting to sit way too close to heat source.
Concave fan guard would be better convex??? But then it may not work as well. Yet to find out if it is energy efficient but its performance suits me well.
Small, stable and efficient.

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