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Indoor Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor

The Ledvance Surface Mount Motion Sensor is quick and easy to install on a variety of ceiling types. It detects motion in all directions (360° detection). It's ideal for areas which are often unoccupied. Features include:

  • All-in-one surface mount design can be attached to any ceiling type.
  • Passive Infrared PIR sensor detects movement 360° within a 6 metre diameter.
  • Quick twist to remove from the ceiling with included ceiling bracket.
  • LED indicator light shows when motion has been detected.
  • 5 year warranty and 3-wire design for increased reliability.

Switch Lights & Other Loads On & off Automatically

Occupancy sensors like this help cut power bills and save money wherever lights get left on unnecessarily. Whether in the bathrooms at your workplace or the garage at home, there are many applications.

Other common installation locations include corridors, meeting rooms, walk-in robes, storage rooms, closets, or pantries. Anywhere you might forget to turn a light off can be a source of wasted power and unnecessarily high energy bills.

PIR Sensor - Installation & Adjustment

The Ledvance Surface Mount Motion Sensor is recommended for installation at a ceiling height of around 2.4 metres. Once mounted on the ceiling, it detects motion below it up to 3 metres from the sensor (ie. a 6 metre diameter around the sensor).

The detection range of the sensor unit.

The sensor itself can also be adjusted - for time of operation and daylight sensitivity:

  • The "TIME" control is for between 10 seconds and 7 minutes. Note: the unit does not switch off every 7 minutes. At the maximum setting, it switches off 7 minutes after any motion has been detected.
  • The "LUX" sensor determines whether the light will still come on during the day, or only after dark.

Both of these settings are user-adjustable, just adjustment the dials on the side. Therefore, you can still make changes after your electrician has completed the installation.

Specifications - Ledvance Surface Mount PIR Motion Sensor

Mounting Type
Surface Mounted
Sensor Type Passive infrared sensor (PIR)
Photocell (for daylight detection)
Power Consumption 0.9W
Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Rated Loads 300 watts LED
300 watts CFL
1200 watts halogen
Maximum Current 6 amps
Power On Time Adjustable 10 seconds to 7 minutes.
Restarts from the last movement detected.
Detection Angle 360°
Detection Distance 6 metres
Protection IP20 indoor rated
Dimensions 115mm (width) x 65mm (depth)
Weight 140 grams
Installation To be completed by an electrician. 3 wire terminal block inside for electrical connection.
Product Identifiers Ledvance LED Value PIR Motion Sensor MS-SV INF-CS 360 220-240 V IP20 (manufacturers description); 4058075372955 (barcode).
Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF)
Warranty 5 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What other motion sensor products do you sell?

We sell a variety of PIR motion sensors, as well as lights with sensors built-in for car parks, security lighting, and offices. Click here to see our full range: Motion Sensors For Lights.

Who is Ledvance?

Ledvance is the new name for Osram, a German lighting brand. All light fittings from the company are now branded as 'LEDVANCE' whereas their light globes are still branded as 'OSRAM'.

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andrew merrick
PIR sensor

A compact PIR Sensor that works well, and is easy to install either from scratch or as a replacement for an existing item Pricing is very reasonable also. Will definitely be using again

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