Sunbeam Feel Perfect Heat Pad


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Heat Pad / Foot Warmer / Heated Seat

The Sunbeam Heat Pad has several features that make it a safe, versatile, and highly energy efficient heating product. These include:

  • Adjustable temperature setting.
  • Auto switch off after 3 hours.
  • It’s machine washable.

The Sunbeam Heat Pad was originally designed and marketed as a therapeutic device (like an electric version of a wheat pack or heat wrap). But anyone can still benefit from the direct warmth it provides.

You can tuck your feet into the sleeve, or even sit on it for your very own heated seat! Whether at home in front of the TV or at work, you can say goodbye to cold chills.

Please Note: whilst you can certainly use this heat pad to take the chill off your feet (with or without shoes on), it is not as hot as our old 'foot mat heater' product. On the plus side, unlike the old foot mat heater, you can use this device as a heated seat and in other ways to keep toasty warm! See also our heated cushion and heated throw rug.

A heat pad that costs just $5 per year to operate

The Sunbeam Heat Pad will often heat you more effectively and with over 90% less energy than most other electric heaters on the market.

The heated mat uses an average of just 15 to 30 Watts of power. That will cost you just $5 in electricity usage if used 8 hours per day for 4 months.

The problem with most electric heaters is that they consume a large amount of power and fail to heat you effectively. This heat pad, on the other hand, can substantially improve your comfort levels while simultaneously reducing your power bills.

In cold climates it's a perfect compliment to room heaters set at a low level. In milder climates it could well replace your need for a separate energy guzzling heater altogether.

Specifications - Sunbeam Heat Pad / Heat Mat

Power Consumption 15 to 30 Watts (Average power draw)
60 to 100 Watts (Peak power draw - during rapid heat up)
Voltage 220-240V AC
Components Power cord, controller with indicator lights, and heat pad
Power Plug Australia / New Zealand plug
Colour White power cord, cream mat with red trim
Material Soft Polyester, 100% polyester
Dimensions Power cord = 210cm
Heat pad = 34cm x 40cm
Weight 520 grams
Installation Self install / portable product
Product Identifiers 9311445021262 (Barcode), EP5000 (Sunbeam Part Number)
Safety Notes & Features - Designed for indoor use
- Not to be used as a pet heater
- 5 heat settings including rapid heat up
- Auto power off after 3 hours to prevent you from accidentally leaving it switched on
Documentation Sunbeam EP5000 Feel Perfect Therapeutic Heat Pad Instruction Booklet (PDF)


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