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Control Your AC From Anywhere With Sensibo Sky

Sensibo Sky is a smart wifi controller for existing air conditioning systems. You can use it to monitor, control, and schedule air conditioners from an app.

Works with any air conditioner that uses a remote control. Includes all brands of split systems, and most portable air conditioners.

Our price includes free access to the Sensibo iPhone, Android & Web App. The app is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

Available as a Single Pack or 3 Pack. See our 'Three Pack' discount in the drop-down menu above. Bulk packs are ideal if you have multiple split systems, and/or several properties.

Air Conditioning Control and Monitoring App

The Sensibo Sky is quick and easy to set-up. Once installed, it enables you to control and track your air conditioner(s) from anywhere. 

Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Wifi Controller & App

Here are some of the unique features of the Sensibo Sky:

Control numerous air conditioners from one app. Suits households with multiple AC units, or accommodation providers with many rooms or properties.

Several users can control the same AC. Each member of your family can have a copy of the Sensibo app. Multi-user access enables advanced automation options, such as geofencing (see below).

Easily create 7-day schedules and timers. Making otherwise complex scheduling changes in the Sensibo app is a breeze. You can even use simple countdown timers.

Automatically turn the AC on and off based on your location. The 'geofencing' feature ensures your air conditioner will turn off as soon as everyone has left the house (or office). Or, you can use it to turn the AC on when you arrive.

Monitor temperature and humidity. The app provides live and recent (24 hours) historical temperature and humidity data.

Optimise performance and energy savings. The 'climate react' feature allows you to turn the AC on and off when specific temperature or humidity conditions are met.

Control and automate your air conditioner. Voice control is possible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & Apple Siri. Advanced logical control is also possible with IFTTT (If This Then That) and other integrations via Sensibo's open API.

    Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri Smart Air Conditioner Controller

    Sensibo Sky seamlessly integrates with smart home automation and voice control systems.

    Specifications - Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioning Controller

    Power Supply
    Plug pack and 1.2m Micro-USB cable (included)
    Power Usage 0.5W
    Range Up to 6 metres from Sensibo Sky to air conditioner
    Connectivity WiFi b/g/n 2.4 GHz
    Sensors Temperature and Relative Humidity
    Operating Temperature 0°C - 60°C
    Dimensions 8.2cm x 5.6cm x 2cm (length x width x depth)
    Weight 41 grams
    Material Plastic 
    Installation Self Installation. Comes with double-sided tape and a  recessed screw notch for two easy mounting options.
    Warranty 2 years
    Product Identifiers Sensibo Sky White Single & Three Pack; Barcodes: 7290016037159, 7290016037166.

    Sensibo Sky - Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of air conditioning systems are compatible with Sensibo?

    The Sensibo Sky is compatible with any air conditioner that uses a remote control to operate. It is not compatible with ducted air conditioning systems that use hard-wired wall controllers.

    So is it time to throw out my old fashioned AC remote?

    Probably not - you can still keep using your standard air conditioning remote control as well as the Sensibo Sky. The app can even distinguish between settings changes made via the app, vs those made via your remote control!

    What other heating & cooling products do you recommend?

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Chris B.
      Does as Advertised

      Seems to work well and does the job as advertised.

      Ian L.
      Great device for remote control

      Have 3 AC units in my house and now have 3 Sensibo units which I can turn on and off when I am out to cool or heat the house. This is especially useful when I utilise my solar power while the sun is out to take the edge off the heat inside. Have them set to a timer to turn off before sunset. Also shows me the temperature of the rooms that the Sensibo unit is in.

      Rodney W.
      like the remote option of

      like the remote option of turning on and off

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