Bill Buster Universal Air Conditioning Remote Control

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Control Your Air Conditioner With A Smart Remote

Bill Buster is an energy-saving remote control for your air conditioner. You can use it to limit the available temperature settings, deploy automated on and off times, and much more.

✅ Universal air conditioning remote. It's compatible will all makes and models of split systems and window/wall air conditioning units. Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic, LG, Daikin, Samsung, Rinnai, Kelvinator - if you can name it, it's compatible!

✅ Includes several unique energy-saving features. Unlike other aircon remote controllers, you can limit temperature settings, set countdown timers, and apply auto on and off times.

✅ Control all regular AC functions. As you'd expect, you can also set the mode, temperature, fan speed, vane position, swing settings, and more.

✅ Available as a Single Pack OR Three Pack. Choose the Three Pack option to get a bulk discount.

Split System Universal Air Conditioning Remote Control

The Bill Buster air conditioning remote control is suitable for any existing split system.

How This Aircon Remote Control Saves Energy

Air conditioning is the most common contributor to high electricity bills. The Bill Buster air conditioning remote offers several unique features to help reduce your energy consumption.

1) Introducing 'Simulate Mode' AKA The Placebo Effect

Do you know someone who sets the AC to 16˚C in summer or 28˚C in winter, regardless of conditions? This doesn't help the air conditioner 'work faster' - it just costs you in increased energy usage and bills.

With Bill Buster, you can set a minimum cooling temperature and a maximum heating temperature to avoid this wastage. For every 1˚C adjustment (up in summer and down in winter), you can save up to 10% of your heating and cooling costs.

NOTE: The remote's display screen will still allow the user to adjust temperatures above or below these settings, but they will not be sent to the air conditioner. Bill Buster calls this 'Simulate Mode' - you might call it enforced savings mode. We think you'll find it's a great example of the placebo effect in action, as people tend not to notice.

2) Set Air Conditioner On & Off Times

We often hear of people leaving air conditioners on all day or night. This is especially true in accommodation settings such as holiday rentals, Airbnb, motels, and hotels.

With Bill Buster, you can automatically send an 'off' signal to your air conditioner at a specified time every day. So anytime the AC is accidentally left on, it can now be automatically turned off.

You can also program a daily 'on' time. This is ideal for taking the heat out of the house in summer, just before everyone arrives home. Or taking the chill out of the house in winter just before you get up in the morning. Both of these examples use way less energy than leaving the AC on all day or night.

3) Air Conditioner Countdown Timer & Sleep Mode

Bill Buster's countdown timer ensures you won't accidentally leave the air conditioner on after a short usage period. The timer can be set in 30-minute time increments. It's ideal for meeting rooms at work or a simple way to save energy overnight (eg. run the AC for an hour as you go to bed). 

Another energy-saving option is the 'sleep' function. This feature helps you save energy even while you sleep. Here's how it works:

  • One hour after hitting 'sleep', the temperature setpoint automatically goes up by 1˚C in summer (or down in winter).
  • In two hours the temperature adjusts by a further 1˚C.
  • After eight hours, the AC turns off.

Air-conditioning Remote Control Wall Mount

The Bill Buster air conditioning remote control comes with a wall mount so you won't misplace it. This also ensures the remote remains within range of the AC at all times.

Specifications - Bill Buster Air Conditioning Remote Control

Compatibility Universal air conditioning remote control for all brands
Batteries 2 x AAA alkaline (not included)
Range Approx 8 metres from remote to air conditioner
Dimensions 12.5cm x 4.5cm x 2.2cm (length x width x depth)
Weight 55 grams (excluding batteries)
Material Plastic
Installation Self Installation
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers AppliancePro Bill Buster Remote; BBR2000, BBR3PACK; Barcodes: 9354325000025, 9354325000049.
Further Info Bill Buster Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my split system air conditioner compatible?

Yes - the owner's manual above contains a complete list of compatible air conditioner brands. Any unlisted brands can be programmed using the 'auto search' setup function.

I've lost my original air conditioner's remote. Can I use this?

Yes - this is a universal remote. We think it's probably better than your original remote!

AC Remote Control With LED Torch

The Bill Buster even has a handy LED torchlight.

What other heating & cooling products do you recommend?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
R Coverdale

works well, easy to program

Sherry DaRosa
Excellent Product Glad to find it

This is a energy saver, wise choice for any short term rental with Air Conditioners

Yvonne Hering

Bill Buster Universal Air Conditioning Remote Control

Awesome remote

Easy to set up and works a treat.

dan duncan

Works well

Theresa A.
Air con remote

Easy to find code for each air conditioner

Mark I.
Waiting to see power reduction

Waiting to see power reduction but very easy to install with prompt delivery

Simon W.

Simple to set up

Michael Taylor
Universal Air Conditioning Remote

Easy to use. Got the right code on 3rd try. My only complaint is that it is a bit smaller than I expected

Michael H.
It works, but a little frustrating to programme

None of the printed codes worked with my Fujitsu air conditioner, but persistence with the auto search 1,999 codes found one that connects,

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