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Stop Air Conditioning Your Empty Rooms

Sensibo Air is a smart WiFi controller with the added feature of a wireless motion sensor to maximise your energy savings.

Sensibo Air works with any air conditioner that uses a remote control. This includes all brands of split systems and most portable air conditioners.

Easy DIY installation. The Sensibo Air seamlessly connects to your WiFi network, quickly determines your AC's infrared signal, and automatically connects to the Room Sensor. No installer or tools are required.

Monitor and control your air conditioning from anywhere. The Sensibo Air price includes access to the free Sensibo iPhone, Android & Web App. The app is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

Manage multiple air conditioners from one interface. The Sensibo app accommodates numerous rooms and locations.

Sensibo Air in Living Room

Place the Sensibo Air within remote-control distance of your AC, then plug it into a nearby power outlet (plug and 1.2m lead included). The Room Sensor is battery-powered, allowing optimal placement anywhere in your room.

Benefits of the Wireless Sensibo Air Motion Sensor

The Sensibo Room Sensor takes the automation of air conditioning to a powerful new level. Here are some unique features of the Sensibo Air and Room Sensor combination:

  • The always-on motion sensor means you'll never heat or cool an empty room again. The 'Presence React' feature can run in conjunction with timers or independently. For example, you can set Presence React to switch the AC off after 30 minutes of no movement.
  • Additional temperature and humidity sensing. Both the Sensibo Air and Room Sensor include temperature and humidity sensors. You can even select which sensor to use to control your AC.
  • The Room Sensor uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with Senisbo Air. The two supplied AAA batteries can power the motion sensor for over two years.

How Sensibo Air Saves You Time & Money

Here are some more handy features of the Sensibo Air:

Control numerous air conditioners from one app. Suits households with multiple AC units or accommodation providers with many rooms or properties.

Several users can control the same AC. Each member of your family can have a copy of the Sensibo app. Multi-user access enables advanced automation options, such as geofencing (see below).

Create 7-day schedules and timers. The Sensibo app makes otherwise complex scheduling changes a breeze. You can even use simple countdown timers to switch the AC off or on.

Turn the AC on and off based on your location. The 'geofencing' feature ensures your air conditioner will turn off as soon as everyone has left the house (or office). Or, you can use it to turn the AC on when you arrive.

Monitor temperature and humidity. The app provides live and recent (24 hours) historical temperature and humidity data.

Optimise performance and energy savings. The 'Climate React' feature turns the AC on and off based on specific temperature or humidity conditions. The 'Presence React' feature allows for control based on the occupancy status of an area.

Control and automate your air conditioning. Voice control is possible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & Apple Siri. The Sensibo Air is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. Advanced logical control is possible with IFTTT (If This Then That) and other integrations via Sensibo's open API.

    Sensibo Air Sensor on Shelf in Room

    The Room Sensor can be installed with the included wall-mount or clipped into the stand and placed on a table or shelf (as pictured here).

    Specifications - Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

    Power Supply
    Sensibo Air: AU/NZ plug-pack and 1.2m Micro-USB cable (included), Room Sensor: 2 x AAA Batteries (included)
    Power Usage Sensibo Air: 0.5W
    Range Sensibo Air: up to around 6 metres from the air conditioner (line of sight), Room Sensor: can be placed anywhere in the room or even in an adjoining area
    Connectivity Sensibo Air: WiFi b/g/n 2.4 GHz (to the Internet) and Infrared (to AC), Room Sensor: Bluetooth Low Energy
    Sensors Sensibo Air: Temperature, Humidity, and 2 x Infrared Receivers. Room Sensor: Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor, Temperature, Humidity.
    Operating Temperature 0°C - 55°C
    Dimensions Sensibo Air: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 1.7cm, Room Sensor: 5.7cm x 5.7cm x 1.4cm (length x width x depth)
    Weight Sensibo Air: 57 grams, Room Sensor: 65 grams (including batteries and stand)
    Installation Self Installation (DIY)
    Product Identifiers Sensibo Air Controller SEN-AIR-CRL-01, Sensibo Air Room Sensor SEN-AIR-ROM-01. SEN-AIR-BDL-01 (SKU), 7290016037203 (EAN Barcode)
    Warranty 2 Years

    Sensibo Air and Room Sensor Dimensions

    The Sensibo Air and Room Sensor are relatively compact and discrete.

    Sensibo Air - Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of air conditioning systems are compatible with Sensibo Air?

    The Sensibo Air is compatible with any air conditioner that uses a remote control to operate. It is not compatible with ducted air conditioning systems that use hard-wired wall controllers.

    Can I keep using my regular AC remote as well?

    Yes - the Sensibo Air contains two infrared receivers. So, provided you mount the Sensibo Air relatively near your air conditioner, it will also receive the signals from your regular remote control. Thanks to these extra sensors, the app can even distinguish between settings changes made via the app vs those made via your remote control. Some customers prefer to control their AC exclusively with the Sensibo app and put the old AC remote in a drawer.

    Does the Sensibo Air work with Apple HomeKit?


    Can I control multiple Sensibo devices from one app?

    Yes. Whether you have multiple Sensibo Air or Sensibo Sky devices - or a mix - you can control them from one Sensibo account. Sensibo even has a free web app for controlling your AC's from your desktop computer.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Andrew Rutherford
    A bit clunky to set up but works great

    Good quick delivery

    David Lin
    An excellent idea and tool, but still need to be refined

    This tool works simpler and better than my original remote. However some functions logic is a bit strange. It would have been good if there were better instructions. Like others, I've eventually worked it out. Still not sure how long the motion sensor that's using double AAA batteries will last. Would have love to have on constant power like the main unit.

    Rod McMaster
    Sensibo - generally good but more documentation needed

    I have installed 3 Sensibo Air controllers and the have enabled me to manage the heating to significantly reduce our gas usage by using R/C air conditioners instead.

    There are no manuals as such just online articles and there are gaps in the explanation of some features

    I had difficulty setting the up with my mesh network at first but once I figured out what to do, setup was easy.

    I definitely recommend them.

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