Philips Classic LED MR16 (GU5.3) 5W


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Great value MR16 LED downlight bulb

3000K vs 4000K

The Philips LED MR16 5W is an economical replacement for 50 watt halogen downlights. It incorporates the most popular features of an LED downlight replacement into one model:

  • Works with existing transformers.
  • Now available in Warm White (3000K) or Neutral / Cool White (4000K) colour temperatures.
  • Regular / wide beam angle (60˚).
  • Exactly the same shape as an old halogen bulb.

    Choosing between this 5W and the Master 7W MR16 LED

    You may have noticed that the product on this page is substantially cheaper than the 7W MR16 LED offering from Philips. Apart from the obvious difference (that it uses 2W less power and is cheaper), the 5W model has the following differences:

    1. It looks just like an old halogen bulb, which allows it to sit fully recessed into your existing light fitting. This is great for many customers who do not like the black colour finish or small 'protrusion' of the 7W model.
    2. It is about the same brightness, despite the lower power consumption.
    3. The 5W only comes in the most popular colour temperatures and beam angle (60˚), whereas the 7W model has 6 different options.
    4. The 5W is not dimmable, the 7W is.

    In summary - you should choose this 5W model if you want a reasonable quality solution with lower upfront cost. Or if you simply don't like the look of the 7W model.

    Choose the the Master LED 7W model if you are willing to invest a little more upfront (for the higher quality and longer lamp lifetime), or if you have a special requirement (dimmable, different colour temperature or beam angle).

    Philips Classic LED MR16 (GU5.3) 5W in ceiling

    Will it work with my transformer?

    ACTO PossumIn general, this MR16 LED bulb will work with most existing transformers. This includes both the old "iron core" transformers as well as most new "electronic" transformers. However, we have been made aware that this product does not work with the Atco Possum transformer pictured on the right (unless you link multiple bulbs to one transformer, then they will work!). If you have Possum transformers and wish to leave your wiring as-is then we suggest you use the Philips MR16 LED 7W which is known to work with it. 






    Specifications - Philips MR16 LED

    Fitting Type GU5.3, MR16
    Power Consumption 5 Watts (equivalent to 35/50W halogen)
    Voltage 12V
    Lifetime 15,000 hours
    Colour Temperature 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (neutral / cool white)
    Beam Angle 60°
    Light Output 390 Lumens ((3000K) or 410 Lumens (4000K)
    Dimmable No
    Dimensions 44mm x 50mm 
    Weight 45g
    Installation Retrofit, self install.
    Product Identifiers Philips LED Spot 5W (50W), GU5.3 cap, White or Cool White, Non-dimmable; Barcodes 8718696674529 & 8718696674543; 12NC 929001280419 929001280519
    Further Documentation Philips LEDClassic 5-50W MR16 60D 3000K (PDF) or 4000K (PDF)

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