Ledvance LED Stick Bulb B22 Dimmable

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Wattage: 9 Watt
Colour Temperature: Warm White 2700K
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A Quality Dimmable Stick Light Bulb

Replace existing Bayonet Cap (B22) lights with these compact LED stick bulbs with TruWave Technology from Ledvance. TruWave LED lights emit a broader spectrum, more closely matching natural light.

  • 88% power savings - replaces 60-75W incandescent lamps.
  • Works with or without a dimmer switch.
  • Compact stick bulb shape fits where many lamps will not.
  • Available warm white (2700K), cool white (4000K), or daylight (6500K).

Choose your preferred colour temperature: 2700K (left), 4000K (middle), 6500K (right).

What is 'TruWave Technology'?

Ledvance TruWave Technology emits LED light closer to natural light. It combines unique LED chips, phosphor coatings, and packaging technology. It spreads short-wavelength blue energy out across three less-intense peaks. This results in a broader, less intense blue emission that more closely matches the natural light spectrum. The result:

Improved colour rendering: TruWave B22 LED lights show colours more accurately than regular LED lights. This is because they produce a broader spectrum of colours.

Better sleep: TruWave better mimics natural light, reducing sleep cycle disruption.

Reduces eye strain: TruWave removes intense and unnatural blue light peaks, reducing glare and eye strain. This can be especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens or under artificial lighting.

How Truwave Improves Spectral Output of Osram LED Lights.

Specifications - Ledvance LED Stick Bulb B22 Dimmable

Cap Base B22 (also called Bayonet Cap or BC).
Power Usage 9 watt or 11 watt
Voltage 220-240V AC
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature 2700K (warm white), 4000K (cool white), 6500K (daylight)
Light Output 750lm for 2700K (9 watt)
800lm for 4000K & 6500K (9 watt)
1050lm for 4000K (11 watt)
Beam Angle 200˚
Dimmable Yes. See our LED dimmers
Dimensions 9 watt: 41 mm x 113mm (width x length)
11 watt: 46 mm x 120mm
Weight 35 grams
Installation Self Installation
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers Ledvance OSRAM LED Performance Stick With TruWave Technology™ - LP STICK DIM 9W / 11W, 827 / 840 / 865, 230V B22 FS1 LEDV
Further Details Brochure and Datasheet (PDF)

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