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The FLIR ONE Pro turns any compatible Apple (iOS) or Android mobile device into a high performance thermal imaging camera.

The FLIR ONE Pro is ideal for DIY enthusiasts or as an entry level thermal camera for professionals and tradies. It features:

  • Superior image quality with MSX technology
  • Built-in battery for no reduction in handset battery life
  • Take high quality thermal images, thermal video (1080p) and time-lapse
FLIR ONE Pro Apple iOS  FLIR ONE Pro Android

FLIR ONE Pro for Apple iOS (Lightning connector), and Android (USB-C connector)

Get the Best - 3rd Generation FLIR ONE Pro

This is FLIR's highest-spec third generation device with numerous improvements over the previous FLIR ONE product. The FLIR ONE Pro features the following:

  • 160 x 120 thermal resolution with 'VividIR' (new, see below).
  • 1440 x 1080 HD visual 'MSX' resolution.
  • Measures temperatures up to 400 °C.
  • Adjust length of USB-C and Lightning connector by 4 mm (so you can leave your phone cover in place).
  • Reversible connectors for Android and iOS.


The FLIR ONE Pro produces far superior images to any other smart phone thermal imaging camera attachment.

Compatible Devices - Apple iOS

App Store

Apple iOS devices with a lightning connector support the FLIR ONE Pro for iOS, including:

  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X (iPhone 10)
  • iPad & iPad Mini

Compatible Devices - Android

Google Play

    The following Android devices with a USB-C connector have been reported to work with FLIR ONE Pro for Android.

    Compatible Devices:

    • Google - Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P
    • Samsung - Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy A5
    • HTC - HTC 10 (tested by Reduction Revolution)

    Minimum Requirements:

    • USB-C connector (stay tuned for a micro-USB version)
    • At least Android Version 5.0.0
    • GPS, Location, OTG USB, Flashlight, and Microphone Capabilities
    • For Panorama functionality: Gyroscope and Accelerometer Capabilities

    Not sure if the FLIR ONE Pro work with your device?

    Please download and install the app before purchasing this item. If it works then you will most likely have no issue. But rest assured that if for some reason the FLIR ONE Pro does not work with your device, please let us know so we can arrange a return. 

    Features of the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera

    One of the things that makes the FLIR ONE Pro camera unique is its 'MSX' and 'VividIR' technology. Both MSX and VividIR give your images more detail in context than you would get from a normal thermal image.


    Here are some of the other features of the FLIR ONE App, all accessible with the FLIR ONE Pro:

    Capture images. Capture images straight to the app, or to your phone’s image library. When viewing an image, swipe up or down to reveal the underlying image from the visual camera.

    Take video. At the bottom menu bar, swipe right or left to select Video mode.

    Take time-lapse videos. At the bottom menu bar, swipe right to select Time-Lapse mode. Then tap on the red button to display the Time-Lapse options.

    Review & edit. Images and videos can be shared through text messaging or email. They can be edited by changing the colour palette and temperature scale.

    Change colour palettes. Tap the Colour Palette icon to change how the image is displayed. The app has a choice of nine different palettes.

    FLIR ONE AppShow & adjust the temperature scale. The FLIR ONE Pro will show you the temperature range of a scene, and allow you to adjust the temperature mapping. To use this simply tap on the IR Scale icon in the Imaging Options menu. The scale will appear on the left side of the screen, with the high and low temperatures labelled. You can adjust the colour mapping by pressing and holding the bar and sliding it up or down. You can also manually tap the measurements and type in your selected limits.

    Measure high temperatures. Use the Gain Mode setting to measure up to 400˚C.

    Show spot meters & regions of interest. When using spot meters and regions of interest (ROI), the FLIR ONE Pro will display a temperature average (in degrees C or F) on the image. Up to three spot meters, three square ROIs, and three circular ROIs can be displayed at one time.

    Use a time delay. The Timer option allows the user to set a time delay (between 3 and 10 seconds) before an image is captured. 

    Specifications - FLIR ONE Pro for iOS or Android

    Compatibility Apple iOS (lightning connector) or Android (USB-C)
    Temperature Range -20˚C to 400˚C 
    Thermal Resolution 160 x 120 pixels
    Visual Resolution (MSX & VividIR) 1440 x 1080 pixels
    Focus Fixed 15cm - Infinity
    Sensitivity 0.15˚C
    Field of View 55° x 43°
    Battery Life 1 hour of usage (charges in 40 mins)
    File Formats Still images - radiometric jpeg
    Video - MPEG-4 (1080 HD)
    Dimensions 68mm x 34mm x14mm
    Weight 36.5 grams
    Mechanical Shock 1.8m drop test
    Emissivity Settings Matte: 0.95, Semi-Matte: 0.80, Semi-Glossy: 0.60, Glossy: 0.30. Reflected background temperature is 22°C
    Product Identifiers Current Model (Gen 3) Details: FLIR ONE Pro iOS International (435-0006-03) and FLIR ONE Pro Android USB-C International (435-0007-03, 812462024155).
    Previous Model (Gen 2) Details: iOS - 435-0002-04-00, 812462020737 Android - 435-0003-04-00, 812462020805
    Further Documentation FLIR ONE Pro Data-sheet (PDF)
    User Guide (PDF)


    Frequently Asked Questions

      Is this the latest "3rd Generation" model?


      What is the distance / range of the FLIR ONE Pro?

      Generally up to about 50 metres with some accuracy. Objects further away may still be visible, but at low measurement accuracy.

      Will it drain my phone battery?

      No. The attachment includes an internal battery.

      Will it fit in my pocket?

      Yes. See the dimensions and weight in the specifications table above.

      Can I see through things like walls or clothes?

      No, thermal vision is not x-ray vision.

      However, it allows you to visualise and measure the surface temperature of most objects. In many cases, the surface temperature of an object can be affected by things behind or under the surface.

      For example, under certain conditions the surface temperature of a wall can be subtly affected by the wooden studs behind it. This characteristic can allow you to easily see the location of the studs behind the wall, without actually looking through the wall.

      How do I get higher accuracy, higher temperature range, more resolution, or longer battery life?

      If you require better specifications, we'd encourage you to check out one of our higher-end thermal imaging cameras.

      Is there a Windows Phone version?


      Is there a Micro-USB Android version?

      Yes, we hope to have stock of the Micro-USB version later this year.

      What other phone app based devices do you sell?

      If you're into smart phone connected devices, and saving energy, you may also like:

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