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Green / Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Budget

We think the best kind of gift this Christmas is one that "keeps on giving" in the form of lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact. 

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Are Warehouse & Industrial Lights Burning a Hole in Your Profits?

Most lights used at industrial and manufacturing businesses are actually better heaters than lights. Their low efficiency means they produce more waste heat than usable light.

Thankfully, you can now slash energy usage from lighting by up to 90% by upgrading to the latest LED technology.

High Bay Warehouse / Workshop Lights

High bay lights are the large dome shape lights you find in almost all warehouses, factories and workshops. These lights are identifiable by the fact they often take a few minutes to get to full brightness when you first turn them on.

High bay lights typically use about 440 Watts of power and cost over $250 per year to operate (normal business hours). The latest Philips GreenUp LED High Bay uses just 110 Watts of power and produces the same amount of usable light. That means a reduction in operating cost of 75%.

Office Fluorescent Tube Lights

Fluorescent tube lights are found in just about every business. These too can also be upgraded to LED.

In fact, if your fittings are the type which have a starter you can install the LED tubes yourself, no electrician required. Simply change the tube and starter and you're done, 60% energy savings await.

If upgrading the tubes is not possible you can also upgrade the entire fitting to an 'LED Troffer' (for office ceiling grids) or an 'LED Batten' (for surface mounted batten lights).

Outdoor & Security Floodlights

Finally, many business leave some lights on overnight for security purposes. Unfortunately, the floodlights used are often over-spec energy guzzlers.

For example, the latest LED floodlights consume just 50 Watts as a direct replacement for a 500 Watt halogen floodlight. That's a 90% energy saving.

How the numbers stack up

Thanks to big reductions in the cost of LED lighting these upgrades all typically pay for themselves in energy savings in under two years. You should also consider the following additional benefits of upgrading to LED:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to less frequent light bulb changes.
  • Reduced waste heat resulting in lower air conditioning usage in air conditioned areas.
  • Better light quality and 'instant on' to full brightness.

If all that is not enough to motivate you into action, businesses located in NSW or Victoria may be eligible for additional government rebates.

It is worth remembering that every dollar saved from energy costs goes straight into bottom line net profit. For a small investment of your time you could quickly uncover substantial energy and cost savings.

Are Lights Burning A Hole in Your Profits

This article originally appeared as a guest article in Industry Update Manufacturing Magazine November 2016.

- Ryan McCarthy is a Director of Reduction Revolution, a distributor for Philips Lighting Australia, and provider of Energy Auditing and other energy efficiency services.

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Twenty Foods You Can Easily Make Yourself, How to Reduce Packaging Waste and Save Money.

As discussed in our previous post - it's easy to fall into the trap of convenience foods.

Making your own is easy, cheaper, and often more convenient. Here's a shortlist to get you started.

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The Scam Of “Convenience” Foods, Why We Should Make Our Own Meals

Supermarkets now sell pre-peeled garlic cloves in plastic trays and celery pre-cut into strips. Are we really this lazy and time poor?

Our addiction to so-called “convenience” foods costs us more than we realise, hitting the bank balance and our environment alike.

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It's Easy To Save Energy, When You Know How

The Northwest Home Energy Efficiency Program synthesised some of our most pertinent household energy efficiency advice into a short video and educational flyers.

Here's a quick overview of the content created.

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Reducing Peak Electricity Demand with Education & Energy Monitors

Back in 2010 we were approached by Integral Energy (now Endeavour Energy) to help implement an energy efficiency program.

The aim of the program was to increase energy efficiency awareness and ultimately slow the growth of peak electricity demand in North West Sydney. 

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Possible Solutions to LED Lights Causing Electromagnetic Interference (EMF/ RF)

Some of our customers have reported interference on their TV or radio after upgrading MR16 downlights to LED. This only happens when the lights are switched on, but it can be annoying, especially if you enjoy AM radio!

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How to Settle Disagreements About Energy Consumption

Have you ever had a petty disagreement about energy consumption 

at home or work? In this article we explain how to settle the argument once and for all.

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Turn Any Recipe Into A Thermal Cooker Recipe In 3 Easy Steps

Thermal cookers are an easy (and energy efficient) way to cook. Even so, they do take some getting used to. So to save you a little initial hassle and experimentation, if you follow this guide, we think you'll soon be a thermal cooker convert.

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What to Check on Your Electricity Bill & Gas Bill

Electricity and gas bills are often confusing and hard to interpret. They may even give you a mild headache just thinking about them.

Thankfully, once you know what to look for, they will make a lot more sense. Then you can get started on reducing them!

If you follow the steps below you should be able to:

  • Track your energy usage more accurately,
  • Quickly find errors on your bills,
  • More easily uncover opportunities to reduce your bills.

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