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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Building in Australia

The Your Home Guide is Australia's most respected guide to building and renovating eco homes. It contains over 600 pages of reference material that is detailed yet easy to understand.

The book includes 71 chapters across eight key sections:

  1. Getting Started - introduction and understanding Australia's climate zones.
  2. Build, Buy, Renovate - rating tools, renovating an existing home, buying off the plan, apartments, building design process, etc.
  3. Passive Design - covering key concepts such as passive heating and cooling, orientation, thermal mass, glazing, shading, ventilation, and more.
  4. Materials - considerations of embodied energy, waste minimisation, and numerous construction methods (everything from aerated concrete to straw bale construction).
  5. Energy - including hot water, lighting, appliances, and the renewable energy systems and batteries to power them.
  6. Water - water efficiency, rainwater harvesting, wastewater reuse, stormwater management, and even waterless toilets.
  7. Live & Adapt - including bushfire protection, adapting to climate change, indoor air quality, noise control, landscaping, and more.
  8. Case Studies - four detailed case studies put all the theory into practice.

YourHome Green Building Guide - 6th Edition

First published 20 years ago, this latest sixth edition has been thoroughly reviewed and updated. Recent additions and updates include:

  • Technological advancements in batteries, solar PV, insulation, cladding systems, lighting and appliances.
  • Building in bushfire-prone areas,
  • How to achieve ‘Passive House’ standards,
  • Building using hemp masonry,
  • The latest information on renewable materials and energy systems.
  • Updated guidance on condensation and airtightness,
  • Energy efficiency in apartments and strata building common area upgrades,
  • How to build eco homes that are resilient to a changing climate,
  • New case studies, images, and diagrams on building and retrofitting,
  • And much more!

The Your Home green building book has undergone a complete edit and refresh to make information easier to find and read.

    Your Home Guide - Key Details

    Book Format Paperback
    Edition 6
    Year of Publication 2021
    Length ~600 pages
    ISBN-13 9781922125781
    Author 54 authors, including building experts, industry professionals and scientific editors
    Publisher Australian Government - Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

    Who is Your Home for?

    Your Home is for everybody. If you want to know more about buying, building, renovating or living in an eco-home, Your Home will help.

    Your Home helps householders understand how to design and live in a sustainable home. It explains the process of green building and renovating and the things to ask your designer and builder to ensure you make informed choices and get the home you want.

    Your Home helps architects and designers understand the principles of green building design and how they can be practically applied in different climates. It can support the design process or develop knowledge and expertise on industry best practices.

    Your Home helps builders understand the range of materials and technologies available to support green home construction and to understand specific issues like condensation or waste management.

    Your Home helps students, researchers and policy-makers to understand sustainable home design, energy efficiency rating schemes, and other aspects affecting residential sustainability.

    Customer Reviews

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    Anne Murrie
    Your Home - Green Building Book

    Thank you.The book is very comprehensive and detailed. Easy to read and useful summaries. Will take some time to work through it all. It has provided me with new information, much to think about and some aspirations when I get to the point of being able to build.


    Good customer service.
    Quick delivery and arrived in mint condition.
    Excellent value for money.
    This is a large, thick, heavy book containing a wealth of information.
    Recommended buy from this seller.


    Your Home - Green Building Book

    Fabulous book!

    So much information all in one place which is much easier than looking at it all online.

    Great starter

    Although a bit brief re any specific needs, the book comprehensively covers an amazing area of topics and aspects that one could consider when building a house. Where it is not supplying all the answers, thanks to this book the reader can at least determine which questions need to be asked.

    Lyn Willson
    Essential guide to building a sustainable home

    An excellent, comprehensive guide to sustainable building practice. I bought this book as a gift for a couple who are building their own home and they are delighted with it.

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