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In-Home Display for Digital Electricity Meters

The Watts Clever EW4500 is a Wireless Energy Monitor that works with smart or digital electricity meters.

  • Get instant feedback - the display keeps you informed, updating every 30 seconds.
  • Track your progress - historical data is stored for later on-screen review.
  • High accuracy - it tracks the output of your utility meter or electrical sub meter within 2%.

Here is a brief overview of what you can see on the energy monitor's indoor display screen:

  1. The main reading shows current (real time) energy consumption in kW, cost or CO2 emissions.
  2. History can be viewed for the last 24 hours, days, weeks, or months.
  3. You can switch between modes of cumulative Cost, CO2 or kWh.

Smart Meter Energy Monitor In Home Display Screen

EW4500 display screen showing real time usage in kW (top), recent hour-by-hour history in kWh (middle), time and date (bottom).

Easy to Install Energy Monitor - No Electrician Required

Simply mount the supplied sensor on top of the flashing LED labelled 1Wh/imp (or similar) on the front of your meter. The LED sensor is known to work on a wide range of meters including those shown below (Landis+Gyr, i-credit and others).

The sensor goes over the LED labelled with the red arrows.

Smart meter types

If your smart meter does not have an impulse LED indicator like those above then it may not be compatible. For example, some smart meters only show usage on the LCD screen with a square or arrow (example below). If your meter only has this usage indicator then we recommend buying the Efergy Elite.

square arrow electricty impulse indicator

Specifications - Watts Clever EW4500

Power Supply 4 x AA Batteries (Included). 2 for the Display Screen & 2 for the Wireless Transmitter.
Battery Lifetime Approx 2 Years
Transmitter Range Up to 80 metres
Transmission Frequency 433.93 MHz
3 Phase Compatible Yes (where one meter measures all 3 phases)
Data Download No
Tariffs Up to 3 tariff settings per weekday and 3 per weekend (ie. supports time-of-use tariffs with peak, shoulder and off-peak rates).
Accuracy Within 2%
Impulse Rate Supports all common meter impulse rates. Note 1000imp/kWh also stated as 1Wh/imp.
Dimensions LCD Display: 11.7cm (W) x 12.7cm (H) x 2.8cm (D)
Transmitter: 10cm (H) x 5.9cm (W) x 2.6cm (D)
Weight 500 grams (packaged)
Installation Self Installation
Carton Quantity 20
Warranty 2 Years
Product Identifiers Watts Clever EW4500 Wireless Electricity Monitor, 5060218120377 (barcode)
Further Documentation Quick Guide (1MB PDF), Full Manual (4.8MB PDF)

EW4500 Energy Monitor Support & FAQ

Does it work with three phase power?

Yes. It will report the usage from one electricity meter (whether it is a single or three phase meter). However, if you have multiple digital meters, you will require one EW4500 for each meter.

Is the display screen portable?

Yes. This monitor runs off batteries (supplied). It is designed to run off one set of batteries for several years.

Can I use it to check individual appliance usage?

Yes, to some extent. You can do this by observing the difference in power usage when the appliance is turned on and off. The screen updates every 30 seconds.

To monitor individual appliances in more detail we recommend using our Power Meter or Power Mate Lite.

Is data available for download?

No. The EW4500 cannot be connected to your computer. If you require a solution that includes a data-download option see the Efergy Engage Hub.

How many electricity tariffs can be entered?

3 per weekday and 3 per weekend (see manual for details).

Can the EW4500 be used with solar power?

It depends on what you require, and how your particular electricity meter works.

This monitor will report back exactly what the smart/digital meter reports via the flashing LED on the front of the meter. IF this LED stops flashing when solar power production exceeds household consumption during the day, then it will report NET household consumption. In this instance, if your solar is producing 1kW and your house is using 2.5kW, the energy monitor will show net usage of 1.5kW. For this reason the EW4500 can sometimes be a simple (install yourself) and low cost energy monitoring solution.

In other cases the LED at your meter may flash in line with imported power AND exported power. This can make the monitor's readings harder to interpret.

If you want a solution that is actually designed for households with solar power, see our solar energy monitor.

What does the chart and "0, -1, -2..." mean on the display?

The EW4500 allows you to scroll through recent cost and consumption history on the screen.

The time periods available are Hour, Day, Week, and Month. When ‘Hour’ is selected and the square brackets are around the 0, data will show for the current hour’s energy consumption. [ -1 ] means last hour. [-2] means two hours ago, and so on.

The bar chart underneath these numbers shows the trend in consumption over the selected time period.

How can I test if my utility electricity meter is working as expected?

  • With not much else on, turn an electric Kettle on and go out to your meter.
  • The red light should be flashing approximately once every 2 seconds (for 1000imp/kWh or 1Wh/imp type meters).

How can I test if my electricity monitor (EW4500) is working as expected?

  • Take the sensor off meter.
  • Point it towards a light source.
  • Cover and uncover the sensor with your thumb once every 1 second.
  • After about 30 seconds the display screen should read (very roughly) 3.6kW. Please Note: this is hard to test accurately - it is just a very rough test to make sure your monitor is working.

What's in the box?

  1. Display screen - this goes inside your home (batteries included).
  2. LED sensor device - this sticks on the front side of your ‘smart’ or digital meter.
  3. Transmitter unit - sits inside your meter box (batteries included).
  4. Sticker accessories - to mount the LED sensor on your meter.
  5. Instruction manual.

Here's a short video showing how easy the EW4500 is to set-up and use:

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