Vornado Energy Smart Air Circulator (633DC)

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Powerful, Quiet & Efficient Fan

The Vornado Energy Smart 633DC air circulator is a high-quality medium-sized floor fan. It's perfect for bedrooms, lounge rooms or at work.

  • Uses up to 80% less energy than regular AC fans, including the Vornado 633 and Vornado 660 (non-DC models).
  • Comes with a standard power plug and lead.
  • Moves air up to 24 metres.
  • Variable speed dial for full control of airflow, noise, and power consumption.
  • Practically silent operation on lower speed settings.

Vornado 633DC vs Vornado 633 & Vornado 660

We sell the Vornado 633DC (pictured on the left), not to be confused with the sometimes cheaper but poorer performing Vornado 633 and Vornado 660 (pictured on the right).

Vornado 633DC vs Vornado 633 & Vornado 660

If you're confused by the Vornado range - you're not alone. We only sell the Vornado Energy Smart DC fans. They're better than the AC models in three key ways:

  1. They use substantially less power, so they cost much less to operate.
  2. They are much quieter at low and medium speeds. At low speeds, they are practically silent.
  3. They have a fully variable speed dial, rather than just three of four discrete speed settings on the AC models.

Vornado 633 - Now With DC Motor

The Vornado 633DC features include:

  • Efficient DC motor technology - uses between 2 watts of power (400 RPM) and 40 watts on max (1,800 RPM).
  • Whole room air circulation - see below.
  • Quality guaranteed - backed by a 5 year Australian warranty.

Unlike regular floor fans, this Vornado fan will provide whole-room air circulation. They call the resulting tornado-like airflow "Vortex Action."

A Floor Fan With Precise Control

With the Vornado 633DC’s precise speed control, just the right level of airflow or noise can be set.

Whether it's on all day in your office or all night in your bedroom, the energy savings really add up. The Vornado 633DC provides useful airflow with as little as 5 to 10 watts of power. This is far less than the 30 watts (or more) used by typical AC fans on their lowest setting.

Pet owners find this Vornado fan useful too. Twist the speed control dial to cool pets down or keep insects from pestering them while they sleep.

Vornado Floor Fan in Room

The Vornado DC Floor Fan is both effective and unobtrusive. 

Specifications - Vornado 633DC Floor Fan

Power Usage 2 - 40 watts
Power Supply The floor fan comes with a standard AU/NZ power plug (240V AC). Internal motor runs off 24 V DC.
Fan Speed Control Rotary dial (infinitely adjustable)
Noise 30 - 58 decibels
Dimensions 34.9cm high x 30.5cm wide x 21.9cm deep
23cm - blade diameter
Weight 2.2 kg
Colour White
Connection 1.8 metre cord with 2 pin plug
Installation Self Setup
Warranty 5 years
Product Identifiers Vornado 633DC Energy Smart Small Air Circulator. An energy-efficient alternative to Vornado 633 or Vornado 660.
Further Details Brochure (PDF) & Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What other Vornado fans do you offer?

Vornado makes a wide range of fans, but few use highly efficient DC motors. They are the Energy Smart series, and we stock the full lineup here.

Are they easy to clean?

Vornado fans have a detachable grill, making it easy to clean the blades.

Is it adjustable? Do they oscillate?

Yes, the tilt angle of the fan is adjustable. But they do not oscillate from side to side. They're designed to circulate air throughout the entire room from a fixed position.

Does it come with a remote control?

No - please see the 6303DC model if you'd like the added functionality of a remote control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Kim A.
Quick turnaround time from order placement, no issues!

We were really happy how quick the item was shipped at no cost! As we have used the Vornado a few times now, can say that it’s good and hope not too find any prob soon or in the future. Also, it’s energy efficient as we have turned it on the whole night and not much was added to our meter reading. Works well in circulating air when positioned facing the wall. (About to test this coming summer) Thank you, RR!

Quiet, effective

Much quieter and more powerful than my smaller AC vornado. Makes my bedroom much more peaceful even on hot, Perth nights in February. Thank you

Cara Harding-Martin
Love It

sliiightly louder than anticipated but still worth it, likely to buy another

Kim Bridge

great fan. fast delivery.

Happy Customer
The fan I always dreamed of

So quiet! Effectively cools my son’s bedroom.

Tricia Johnson

Just what was needed

Natalia Albina
Quiet achiever

Great product. Works quietly and is very efficient. Lightweight, could be easily picked up and carried around the house.

Stuart Price
Stuart Price

A great fan ,it moves the air all around the room and we are very happy..

Fast delivery and high-quality product

The item came quickly and it was well packaged. This is my first air circulator and I’m glad I stumbled upon this kind of product. This is a powerful and quiet fan

Lester Jones

Great efficient fan

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