Verbatim LED Bulb 6W with Motion Sensor


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A light bulb & motion sensor in one

The Verbatim Sensor Bulb is a new type of LED light with an in-built motion sensor.

  • 6 Watt warm white LED
  • In-built passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • Available in Screw (E27) or Bayonet Cap (B22)
  • Stays on for 60 seconds after movement detected
  • Stays off during daytime (above 10 lux)
  • Only works in open fittings (see below) 

LED sensor bulb - only on when needed

The Verbatim Sensor Bulb only turns on after dark and if movement is detected. As a result, it has enormous energy saving potential wherever lights are currently left switched on (whether 24/7, overnight, or even only for a few hours).

LED Motion Sensor Bulb Operation

LED sensor globe - easy to install & use

Most motion sensor lights require an electrician for installation or are otherwise complicated to mount and install.

The Verbatim Sensor Globe takes complexity out of the equation by simply plugging in to your exiting screw or bayonet light fittings. Just plug the light in, turn it on at the switch, and you're done.

Multiple applications, inside and out

Whether it's lighting your driveway, your front door or a stairwell, the Verbatim Sensor Bulb comes on automatically when movement is detected.

Say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark for the nearest light switch.

Security light bulb that saves energy

Many households and businesses require security lighting around their perimeter, in shop windows, and elsewhere. Unfortunately, this type of lighting not only costs a lot to operate, but is generally less effective than a light that only comes on when someone is actually in the area.

With the Verbatim Sensor Bulb, security lighting will only come on when it's actually needed.

LED PIR Motion Sensor range

Where to Install

The Verbatim Sensor Bulb works best in areas like entryways, hallways, passageways, stairwells, carports, porches and verandahs. That way you don't have to worry about switching the light on and off every time you pass through. It's not really appropriate for areas where people might sit still (like a lounge room), as you will have to keep making movement in front of the lamp to activate it.

The Verbatim Sensor Bulb only works in open fittings. The PIR sensor located at the top of the bulb needs a line-of-sight to the movement in the area. It will not work if it is covered by glass or a lamp shade. The LED sensor globe can be used in pendant lights and work lamps but it will only pick up movement at the front where the sensor is exposed.

suitable light fittings

Specifications - LED Bulb with PIR Motion Sensor

Power Consumption 6W equivalent in brightness to 40W-60W incandescent
Base Screw (E27) or Bayonet cap (B22)
Lifetime 25,000 hours
Colour Temperature Warm white (3000K)
Beam Angle 120°
Light Output 480 lumens
Dimmable No
Dimensions 60mm x 105mm
Weight 97g
Installation Self installation
Voltage 200 - 240V AC
Sensor Range Up to 7m
On time 60 seconds after movement
Base Screw (E27) or Bayonet cap (B22)
Working environment Indoors or under cover
Protection rating IP44 (physically resistant to objects >1mm and splashing of water)
Product Identifiers

Verbatim LED Sensor Classic A B22 6W 3000K WW
480lm 220-240V, Verbatim LED Sensor Classic A E27 6W 3000K WW 480lm 220-240V (manufacturers description); 65594, 65593 (manufacturers product code); 6943760255942, 6943760255935 (barcode)

Further Documentation Screw E27, Bayonet Cap B22 datasheet

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