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The No-Nonsense Guide To Solar Power

This book by Finn Peacock will ensure you get the most out of your investment in solar power. Finn is an ex-CSIRO Chartered Electrical Engineer and solar energy expert.

If you're looking into solar: you can beat overzealous solar salespeople at their own game. Arm yourself with the knowledge this book contains before purchasing solar panels.

If you already have solar: this book will help you understand it better and maximise your solar utilisation (and lower your energy bills). It may also assist in your decision to upgrade, replace, or expand your existing system.

Really comprehensive book detailing common sense ways to maximise your investment in solar. Goes through in an easy to understand way the decisions you need to make and it has the information you need to help with the decision. Most importantly it does not try to sell you anything - just gives unbiased information for you to decide. - Stephen (Verified Buyer, Australia).

Your 7 Steps To Tiny Energy Bills

The seven steps outlined in this easy-to-read book are as follows:

  1. Essential Knowledge. Explains all the jargon, rebates, tariffs, and types of solar power systems.
  2. Measuring Your Energy Usage. How to conduct a quick and easy energy audit of your home.
  3. Heating Your Water. Hot water is the biggest energy user in most homes, and it's often not well understood.
  4. Show Me The Money! How to size your solar system and consider its financial return.
  5. Choosing Your Hardware. De-mystifies the process of choosing the right panels, inverter and other hardware.
  6. Getting Solar Quotes. How to find reputable installers and get a few quotes for comparison.
  7. After The Install. What to check and verify once your solar power system is up and running.

The Good Solar Guide - Key Details

Book Format Paperback
Length 216 pages
Size 14cm (width) x 22cm (height)
ISBN-13 9781781333013
Author Finn Peacock
Publisher Rethink Press, Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David Bennett

The Good Solar Guide Book

Helen Perkins

Excellent resource

Frank Mcadam
Great assistance

Such great advice and tips about solar could not put it down

david griffiths
The Good Solar Guide

This text should be read by anyone contemlpating installing Solar Panels, together with all the necessary and optional "Add Ons".
Clear text with appropriate examples place the reader in control of any purchase contract, rather than at a major disadvantage in negotiating what is best for them.

Stuart Mc
Informative Read

I am getting my solar, installed by previous owner, replaced under insurance. I had a quote but was uncertain how good the information I received from contractor was. The book gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence in understanding my solar and also that my contractor is of a high quality.

Harry S.
The Good Solar Guide

I have already sent my critique to the author without a response!

Solar 101

“The Good Solar Guide” is an excellent introduction for anyone contemplating installing solar electricity. It clarifies some jargon and gives basic information necessary.
By its very nature, the book does not go into any particular system in detail but, after reading, the reader is able to ask relevant questions of a potential installer.

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