Remote Controlled Power Socket Set (3 Pack)

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Wirelessly Control Your Power Points  

This 3 pack of remote controlled power outlets allow you to wirelessly control your appliances from a convenient location.

  • Configurable - Switch individual appliances on or off, or switch a group together.
  • Wireless - Each remote can switch up to four power points (or groups) even in hard to reach locations. (3 units included)
  • Energy Saving - Easily switch any appliances off when not in use to reduce power consumption.
  • Scalable - Purchase multiple kits and link all sockets to one remote, or use multiple remotes.

Save Energy by Switching Off All Unused Devices

The kit comes with three remote controlled sockets and one remote. By allowing you to turn appliances off with the touch of a button, it helps you save electricity, time, and money.

Keep the remote control in a convenient place, or stick it to the wall next to a light switch. That way you'll remember to use it and maximise your energy savings.

Here are a few example applications:

  • Keep your TV and entertainment centre completely switched off when not in use.
  • Switch off your internet modem & WiFi router as you leave the house.
  • Turn off the office water cooler at night and over the weekend.
  • Control bedside lamps or any device with a hard-to-reach power socket.
  • Switch off plug-in office ceiling lights without the need to re-wire anything.

Specifications - Remote Controlled Power Socket Set

Pack Contents 3 remote sockets & 1 remote control
Plug Type Standard 10A Australia / New Zealand 3-pin plug & socket
Voltage 240 V AC (50 Hz)
Operating Environment Indoors
Power Range 0 - 2,400W (10 Amp)
Weight 95g (each socket), 41g (remote control)
Operating Power 1W standby load
Remote Frequency 433.92MHz
Remote Range Approx. 30m
Remote Battery 2 x AAA 1.5V
Socket Dimensions 95mm x 52mm x 60mm (height x width x depth)
Controller Dimensions 115mm x 40mm x 20mm (height x width x depth)
Weight 95g (each socket), 41g (remote control)
Warranty 2 years from Reduction Revolution (1 year manufacturers warranty)
Product Identifiers Remote Controlled 3 Outlet Mains Controller (description); MS6147 (part number); 9319236706688 (barcode). Note: We previously sold a similar item RCS-4-AUS, RC-19AU, Efergy Remote Controlled Socket, 4897037690290.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Remote Controlled Socket?

Installation is easy:

  • Insert the batteries into the remote control.
  • Plug one of the sockets into a mains outlet, the LED light will flash red.
  • Select and press one of the ON switches from A,B,C, and D on the remote control.
  • The LED will then stop flashing. The socket is now paired to this ON switch on the remote.
  • You can now remotely control the socket and any appliance connected to it.
  • Repeat this process for the other sockets selecting a different ON button on the remote for each different socket.
Note: When there is a power blackout or the socket is removed from the mains, you may need to repeat the set up process to the socket and the remote.

    How many sockets can I fit on a common wall outlet?

    One. The socket is slightly too wide for two units to fit side-by-side on many common Australian & NZ dual wall outlets. However, you can fit one with room to continue using the second socket as pictured below. You can also plug the sockets into a multi-socket power board.

    Remote Socket Plugged in to Power Outlet

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 67 reviews
      Russel Lichnovsky

      Units working very well. Saving on electric bill. Thank you

      stavros kallis
      Remote switch

      Very happy and goodbye quality

      Great buy

      These work really well and from a distance. No more having to go out to the garage to turn the modem on and off. Very happy with our purchase and ease of set up.


      Love these - Great if you have a baby and need to turn something on/off from another room without disturbing!

      Great idea saves power easy to use

      I use it to turn off three circuits. Garage door motor where the switch is hard to reach. The TV where you need to get down on knees to switch off and the router where the switch is in the junction box and not very accessible.
      The remote sits next to the air conditioner which we switch off at night. So one press of the button turns off the three circuits. Easy and convenient.
      One problem I have found is sometimes turning off one circuit also turns off another.

      Merv Pegler
      Great product

      I purchased the product due to mobility issues. They are fantastic, simple to use and very effective.

      Ruari Rhind
      Garage lighting

      Allows us to remotely (from the main house) turn on the garage lights when guests are arriving- saved us a fortune by avoiding an electrician hardwiring the same.

      Warren Millist

      Works perfectly

      Kevin Hill
      Remote control power socket set

      Great for turning off your appliances and turning on lights automatically, saves me about 20 to30 dollars a quarter in standby power Great little gadgets

      Great to keep stop standby mode on tv

      Good idea

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