24 Hour Plug-In Mains Timer Switch

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This 24 hour mechanical mains timer switch allows for quick and easy automation of electrical appliances.

Use A Timer Switch to Save Energy

Here are some applications where you can use this 24 hour mains timer switch to save energy:

  • Switch off your modem/router and other computer peripherals overnight.
  • Switch off office equipment like printers, copiers and coffee machines so they're only on when needed.
  • Place office water coolers or household drinks fridges on a timer switch to reduce their operating time.
  • Place a heated towel rail on a 24 hour timer to only operate for a few hours per day (rather than 24/7).
  • Use it on other appliances such as heaters, aquariums and exhaust fans.

You can also use this mains timer switch for a range of other indoor automation or security purposes. For example, you can switch an LED light bulb on and off at certain times of the day to make your home look occupied.

How to Use the Timer Switch

  1. Select mode - Either 'always on' (override) or 'timer' mode using the toggle switch on the side of the timer. The override setting allows you to operate the device manually without disconnecting the timer.
  2. Plug the timer in - Find the outlet you want the device to work on and plug the timer into the outlet. Then plug your appliance into the socket on the timer.
  3. Set the time - Rotate the dial clockwise until it matches the current time with the black arrow on the front face of the timer.
  4. Select the on and off times - Press the pins in for the time periods that you want the device to be on, and leave them up for off.
  5. Test - You can test your timer by turning the dial manually to the on position. If the device turns on, then your timer works. When you're done testing, reset the timer to the current time.

24 Hour Mains Timer Switch - Specifications

Power Consumption Approx 1W
Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Max Current 10 Amps
Max Power 2,400 Watts
Dimensions 125(H) x 70(W) x 52(D)mm
Weight 135 grams
Installation Self-install, indoor only
Switching Period 15 mins
Product Identifiers MS6113, 9319236705070
Further Details Always-on override switch, plus red LED indicator light goes on whenever the timer is in "on" mode. 

Other Ways to Save Energy

We also sell a range of other products to reduce standby power and automate the operation of appliances. These include:

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Timer for bedroom heater

Very easy to set up with clear instructions. Works perfectly with it set up to turn on and then off again in the evening, then turn on and off again in the early hours of the morning.

Patrick Booker

24 Hour Plug-In Mains Timer Switch

Murray OConnor
Plug in timer

Xmas lights on and off with no hassles

Dylan Walters

24 Hour Plug-In Mains Timer Switch

B J Callaghan
Plug in time switch

Go product & value

Nicholas Milton

24 Hour Plug-In Mains Timer Switch

Ann Vaughan
Great price great lights

Arrived within time frame. Great led lights good coverage.



Linda Pereira
Good product - suits all

Good product - suits all my electrical products that do not come with an in-built timer like the slow cooker.
Easy to set.

Helen H.

Very handy for setting while away on holiday

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