Nanoleaf Smart LED Downlight 8.5W (90mm)

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Full-Colour Matter-Enabled Smart Downlight

The Nanoleaf smart recessed downlight incorporates the very latest in smart lighting technology. It's easy to set up and use, offers full-colour control, and sports a minimalist design. Here are some of its unique features:

Easy to install. The Nanoleaf downlight comes pre-wired with a plug and lead, making it easy to install in your existing 90mm ceiling cutouts.

Robust and energy-efficient. It carries an IC-4 insulating rating, meaning it can be 'abutted and covered' with insulation in your roof. It also has an IP44 rating, so it's suitable for use in damp areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

Bluetooth, Thread, and Matter enabled. Enjoy seamless connectivity and effortless smart home integration. 'Matter over Thread' is the latest brand-independent way to control your smart devices.

16 million colours, tunable whites, and dimmable. Set the perfect mood for any occasion with fully customisable lighting.

App and voice control. Create lighting schedules, scenes, and automations with the intuitive Nanoleaf app. Or, use your voice to make adjustments via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri.

Smart home integration. The Nanoleaf downlight is designed to work with your choice of smart home platform:

  • Apple Home (now controls both Matter & HomeKit devices)
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Samsung SmartThings

Whether you use an iPhone or Android, HomePod or Echo, Siri or Alexa, Apple Watch or even a Samsung Smart Fridge, you can add Nanoleaf Downlights to your system.

Nanoleaf downlight colours

How is the Nanoleaf Downlight Better With Thread?

The Nanoleaf downlight uses Thread as its primary wireless networking technology. Other smart downlights use Bluetooth, Wifi, or Zigbee - each with some shortcomings. Thread is a new system that aims to remove the glitchiness you may have experienced with other smart lights.

One Hub. Say goodbye to multiple smart home hubs for different products. Thread requires just one Thread border router to operate - and there's a good chance you already have one in your home. See the FAQ section for details.

Better Wireless Range. Thread is a mesh network that grows with each additional Thread-enabled device. This means stronger, more reliable, and broader coverage within your home.

Instant Control. Thread is always connected, meaning near-instant responsiveness.

Energy Saving. Thread uses less power, which is great for all smart devices, but especially for battery-powered ones.

Nanoleaf App example

Specifications - Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Smart Recessed Downlight (90mm Cutout)

Power Usage 8.5W (0.3W standby power)
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Light Output 810 lumens at 6500K colour temperature
Lifetime 25,000 hours
Cutout size 90mm nominal (suits 87-100mm wide ceiling holes)
Protection IP44 and IC-4 rated
Dimmable Yes - down to 1% (via the app or smart controller, not via a regular dimmer switch)
Colour Temperature Control Yes - fully adjustable from 2100K (very warm white) to 6500K (cool daylight)
RGB Colour Control Yes - 16 million colour choices
Colour Rendering Index 90
Beam Angle 110°
Connection Bluetooth (directly to smartphone or tablet) and Thread (via a smart hub or thread border router)
Dimensions 113mm diameter by 55mm height
Weight 200 grams
Installation Comes pre-wired with 90cm power cable and AU/NZ 2-pin power plug
Product Identifiers Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Smart Recessed Downlight 90mm Cutout 1 Pack, 2 Pack, or 4 Pack; NF080D05-1W35, NF080D05-2W35, NF080D05-4W35
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Matter' and 'Thread'?

Matter is a new, unifying smart home standard that aims to simplify how smart devices work together. Different devices can use this common language to 'talk' to each other, regardless of their brand or platform.

Thread is the underlying wireless networking technology that helps devices communicate with each other. It's a low-power mesh network designed specifically for smart home devices.

Instead of needing separate apps and hubs for different devices, Matter-certified devices (like this Nanoleaf downlight) will work with your chosen app or smart home system. More and more devices are becoming Matter-certified, giving you flexibility and long-term certainty with your preferred smart home products.

Do I need a smart home hub to use the Nanoleaf downlights?

For a basic installation, you can control the Nanoleaf downlights directly from the Nanoleaf app using Bluetooth. No additional hardware is needed.

However, a Matter-compatible smart hub with a thread border router is required to unlock the smart downlight's full capabilities. The good news is that you may already have one of these in your home.

The following devices are Matter smart hubs that double as Thread border routers:

  • Apple - Apple HomePod mini, Apple HomePod (2nd Generation), Apple TV 4K (2nd generation and 3rd generation Wifi + Ethernet 128GB model).
  • Google - Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E), Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max.
  • Amazon - Echo (4th Gen).
  • Samsung - SmartThings Station, SmartThings 2018 Hub (IM6001-V3P01) and Aeotec Smart Home Hub.

The following devices act as Thread border routers only:

  • Nanoleaf - Shapes, Lines and Elements (Firmware 8.5.2+)

Here's a summary of the Nanoleaf downlight's capabilities with the three different levels of connectivity:

Thread features require a Thread border router. Matter over Thread needs a Matter-compatible smart home hub like those mentioned above.

Feature Bluetooth Thread Matter over Thread
Control with Nanoleaf App
16M+ Colours & Tunable Whites
Circadian Lighting
Dynamix Colour Scenes
Brightness Control
Increased Speed, Range
Screen Mirror
Nanoleaf Desktop App
Smart Home Integration
Voice Control
Remote Access

Nanoleaf circadian lighting feature

'Circadian lighting' is one of the many unique features of the Nanoleaf App.

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