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The LotusGrill Glass Lid shields food from the wind and helps to achieve an even cooking temperature.

Observe food through the transparent strengthened security glass lid. And keep an eye on the temperature in the Lotus Grill with the integrated thermometer.

It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  • Fits standard size LotusGrill Portable Charcoal BBQ.
  • Packaged Weight - 1.9kg
  • Packaged Dimensions - 150mm x 370mm x 370mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rick Whittle
A Chef's got to know his Limit...tations . . . . (and a whole chicken doesn'

I found its limitation tonight . . . you can't quite fit a whole chicken under it.
Maybe a 6V DC rotisserie adapter? . . . .might have to make one.
Other than that, being winter here in Australia, I've taken to grabbing a couple of burning coals out of the fire, adding a layer of cold charcoal from previous fires, putting that on the blower / bottom and away it goes! (which is exactly what I had in mind the whole time)
This lid and its lotus grill underneath are part of our cost reductions as we move to retirement - during autumn and winter (April to August) we clean the forest floor for the fire season (November to March) - and use that to run the heating fire - so this is part of our land management strategy.

E Y.
Really glad I got it

Really glad I got it - keeps the heat in but with a gap so food doesn't steam, and keeps things warm at the end. I'm also using it to get chicken to cook faster on a lower fan setting :)

Robyn H.
Thumbs up

A very handy and must have accessory for my Lotus grill.

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