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EzyFit Multi-Fit 'Quick Fit' LED Emergency Exit Light 3.5W


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The new EzyFit Multi-Fit is a complete Exit & Emergency Light solution.

It can also be easily interchanged with any existing exit light using a 'Quick Fit' base. Brands using the Quick Fit mounting included Stanilite, Ektor, Evolot, and Clevertronics.

The EzyFit Multi-Fit emergency exit sign is a one size fits all 'running man' LED exit light fitting with battery back-up. You will save around $25 per year in electricity costs for every fitting you upgrade.

LED Exit Light - key features:

  • Tiny 3.5W power consumption
  • Comes complete with a range of diffusers
  • Long life high temp Ni-Cad battery
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Large terminal block for easy termination
  • Quick & easy to install & maintain - no need to replace any tubes
  • Fully approved to AS2293.3 (Emergency escape lighting and exit signs)
  • 2 year warranty - excluding battery (1 year warranty)

LED Exit Light - Included Signs

 LED Exit Light Running Man Signs

Why Choose this LED Exit light?

The EzyFit LED emergency exit light offers superior performance compared to existing fluorescent exit lights.

Reduced Running Costs. The LED exit sign consumes just 3.5W of power, compared to old models which use up to 20W. This difference in power usage leads to electricity cost savings of around $25 per year per exit light.

Reduced Maintenance Costs. The other main benefit of LED emergency exit lights relates to reduced maintenance costs. LED exit lights generally need to be replaced less often than older fluorescent tube technology. This means fewer trips from your fire safety company and lower fees after the annual fire safety inspection. If an EzyFit exit sign fails at some point in the future, the upgrade process is very simple: the new light fitting simply clips into the previously installed base.

Quick Fit Compatible Mounting. The Quick Fit mounting allows you to easily upgrade and replace a wide range of exit lights with this product. Look for the 'Quick Fit' branding or text on your existing lights.

Specifications - LED Exit Light / Exit Sign

Power Consumption 3.5W
Supply Voltage 240V AC
Battery Back-up Yes. High temperature Ni-Cad battery with test button and indicator light
Dimensions 360mm x 210mm x 72mm
Weight 1.35 kg
Installation Requires hard-wiring by an electrician.
Application All buildings which require emergency exit lighting.
Product Identifiers EFSP10, 9346988000160 (barcode), LED exit sign
Further Documentation Data Sheet (PDF)

Please Note: If you purchased an EzyFit EXIT light from us prior to November 2016 you will most likely have the previous model EFSL10 (box barcode 9346988000016). The new model EFSP10 is a new 'Mutli-Fit' or 'Quick Fit' device with a different base.

Is the battery replaceable?

No - a replacement battery part is not sold for this item. In the event of a product failure, you need to purchase a new kit and simply "click" it into the existing base.

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EzyFit Multi-Fit 'Quick Fit' LED Emergency Exit Light 3.5W has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 10 reviews.

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