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Are you looking for a higher spec? See the Edge Pro with four times the thermal resolution and a broader temperature range.

A Thermal Camera For All Your Devices

The FLIR ONE Edge connects wirelessly to Android and iOS smart devices. It's compatible with iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones, Samsung tablets, and many others. So, even if you switch operating systems or upgrade your phone in the future, you can still keep using the ONE Edge.

Here are some of the key features of this handy thermal camera:

  • Measure up to 120˚C with the 80x60 (4,800 pixels) thermal detector.
  • MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) - enhances image quality by adding visual outlines to the thermal image.
  • Rugged design with 2.5-hour battery life. A 15-minute rapid recharge allows for a further 40 minutes of operation.

Using the FLIR ONE Edge with a tablet.

Using the FLIR ONE Edge with a tablet.

Clip-on, Handheld, or Remote Operation

The FLIR ONE Edge has three main modes of operation:

  • Clip-on - Using the adjustable calliper, you can clip the ONE Edge onto the back of your phone or tablet. This allows for easy, one-handed use of the thermal camera.
  • Handheld - If you prefer, you can hold the ONE Edge in one hand and your phone in the other. This method is helpful if you inspect objects at odd angles or heights.
  • Remote - The ONE Edge will stay connected to your smart device at a distance of up to 30 metres. This is beneficial when inspecting hazardous areas or maintaining a fixed view of something you are checking.

Inspect hard-to-access areas with the FLIR ONE Edge.

Crisp & Clear Thermal Images - Only With FLIR

The ONE EDGE includes FLIR's patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging or 'MSX' technology. MSX merges a higher-resolution visual image with the raw thermal image of the same scene. The result is a more precise image than competing products with similar specifications.


FLIR MSX provides context for clarity.

Specifications - FLIR ONE Edge

Compatibility Any smartphone or tablet running Apple iOS 15.0 and newer or Android 11 and newer
Temperature Range -20˚C to 120˚C
Wireless Range Up to 30m from your smart device, via Wi-Fi
Thermal Resolution 80 x 60 pixels
Visual Resolution (MSX) 640 x 480 pixels
Focus Fixed; 30cm to infinity
Sensitivity 0.07˚C
Field of View 54° x 42°
Battery Life 2.5 hours of usage (charges in 1.5 hours)
File Formats Still images - radiometric jpeg
Video - MPEG-4 (Android), MOV (iOS)
Dimensions 35mm x 37.5mm x 149mm
Clip Span 130mm (min) to 195mm (max)
Weight 153 grams
Mechanical Shock 2m drop test
Product Identifiers FLIR ONE Edge; 11001-0101; 845188026837 (barcode)
Further Details Brochure & Datasheet (PDF), Quick Start (PDF), User Manual (PDF), Dimensions (PDF)
Warranty 2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the FLIR ONE Edge?

The ONE Edge unit comes with the following, pictured below:

  • USB charging cable (USB Type-C to USB Type-A).
  • Printed quick start guide and other documentation.

You can add an official FLIR ONE Edge pouch for extra protection and easy storage.

FLIR ONE Edge - Box Contents

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